Raine's Tavern Duck Decoys

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Goose by Oliver "Tuts" Lawson, b.1938, Crisfield, MD. This near mint condition miniature measures 8 inches long, bill-tail. An excellent early Duck House example with the "jelly jar label" that Kitty Cummings first used. A small ice groove in back and painted eyes. Signed and dated, 1957. Sale Pending .

Golden Plover by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey (1928-2017) Chincoteague, VA. It's an excellent shorebird by Cigar standing on a clamshell. Signed and stamped under belly. $975.

Widgeon/Baldpate by Grayson Chesser, Holden Creek/Sanford, VA. Nice condition old warrior here. C carved in bottom. $550.

Brant by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. 1968. Mint miniature with scratch paint and tack eyes. Purchased directly from Mr. Miles in 1968. Note the ice groove behind neck. Signed and dated. Sold.

Dowitcher by Mark Daisey, b. 1970, Chincoteague,  VA. A beautiful snuggle head, resting shorebird with sleepy eyes, glass. This Dowitcher is branded MARK under bird and signed, dated under driftwood base. $450.

Dove pair by Brooks Co., Houston, Tx. Circa. 1952-1960. Fiber board construction. $85.

Goose pair by Miles Hancock  (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. 1971. Matched pair of miniatures, approximately 6 inches long with raised primaries and tack eyes. Signed and dated. Sold.

Redhead pair by Dark Feather Freedman, b.1953, Michigan. Similar style of Ben Schmidt.
Very heavy, solid decoys in mint condition. Signed on bottom.  $600.

Shorebird by Pete Peterson, Capeville, VA. Stamped and dated. This bird has painted eyes and his bill is inserted thru head. Sold.

Red Breasted Merganser pair by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague,  VA. This mini pair is signed and dated 1971. One owner, you will be the 2nd. Sold.

Brant by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. This gunner is hollowed and in very good condition. Used along the Atlantic and barrier islands of the Eastern Shore of VA. Long retired to the shelf. C carved under bottom. $800.

Curlew by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey (1928-2017) Chincoteague, VA. This Curlew is branded, signed, and dated 1960. This well weathered Curlew sat on top of Cigar's decoy shop. Possibly sold to Bill Mackey on one of his visits to Cigar's home. This Cobb Island style Curlew has an all natural patina. I took this carving to Cigar approximately 2010 and he branded, signed, and dated for me. $2400.



Picture courtesey of National Geographic, vol. 157, no. 6, June 1980. Not same bird as shown in 1980 photo.

Mallard pair by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. This pair of Mr. Miles' popular miniatures have had one owner who purchased directly from him in 1970. This pair measure approximately 6 inches, bill to  tail. Signed and dated 1970.

Canada Goose by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague,  VA. 1971. This 6 inch carving has glass eyes and raised wings. Signed and dated. One owner, who purchased directly from Mr. Miles. Sold.

Carolina Chickadee by Ronald Justis, b. 1970, Chincoteague, VA. 6 inch tall carving and wood branch stand. Signed and dated. $275.

Dove by Ronald Justis, b. 1970, Chincoteague, VA. This dove measures 8.5 inches, bill-tail. This "lonesome" dove has glass eyes, insised wing carvings, and sits on a wired fence post. Signed and dated under base.


Bluebill/Scaup by Capt Jess Urie (1901-1978) Rock Hall,  MD. This example is hand chopped and circa 1950. Fine firm age crack in neck. Beautiful paint. $350.

Bluebill/Lesser Scaup hen by Mark Daisey b.1970, Chincoteague, VA. 1988. This hen is an early one and has lots of detailed carving and paint. Carved mandibles and glass eyes. Signed and dated. $425.

Brant by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague,  VA. This miniature, 6 inches long, bill to tail, is signed and dated 1970. Own owner, purchased directly from Mr. Miles. Paint blemish on left side neck, no damage.This is a more rare piece. Tack eyes.


Red Breasted Merganser or "Shell Duck" by Mark Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. Outstanding solid body with an ice groove and fluted paddle tail in the style of Ira Hudson. Tack eyes and a great aged patina. Signed and stamped under bottom. $450.

Black Duck on tump by George Strunk, Glendora, NJ. This is a 6-inch long carving by one of the best makers! Nice carved tail feathers and beautiful painting.  G Strunk signed and stamped on bottom. $300.

Ruddy Duck by Ryan Dockawitz, Capeville, VA. This regular Ruddy has a scalloped bill and tail. Primary feather pattern has been cut out of body and an ice groove behind neck. Heavily aged patina applied with D branded in bottom. $350.

Canvasback pair by Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield,  MD 1973. This pair was originally from the Robert McCurdy collection as noted on the bottom. Excellent condition with minor age shrinkage and a sap bleed spot on hens tail. Stipple painted on drake. Both are hollowed and have glass eyes. Signed and dated on bottom. $4700.

Bluebill/Scaup by Cpt. S. Percy Smith (1880-1957), Shady Side, MD. Circa. 1940's. Nice worn gunner in OP. $350.

Canvasback by Ira Hudson, 1873-1949, Chincoteague, VA. Circa 1920's. Large solid Cedar body "football" style with a fluted paddle tail. Original scratch paint on lower back, overall back and sides appear to have been repainted. Bare wood at neck base. Small chip out of bill. $900.

Bufflehead pair by EJ "Pete" Peterson,  Capeville, VA. This pair of "dippers" were made in 2009 and so dated, signed and branded. The Body's have a boat hull design and have carved mandibles and eyes. These dippers measure about 11 inches long, bill-tail.

Curlew by Jode Hillman, b. 1972, Mullica Hills, NJ. This hollow carved feeding Curlew is painted with oils. Excellent brush work accentuates the fine tail feather carving. $600.

Bufflehead by Bobby Castlebury, Brookston, TX. 1985. Outsanding feather combing, carved, layering details. Hollowed from the bottom. $450.

Black Duck, Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. Circa. 1940's. A gunner in original paint with tack eyes and an eye patch. "B" carved on bottom. Numerous shot hits on this old warrior. $475.

Widgeon pair by Lloyd Sterling (1880-1964) Crisfield, MD. Circa 1955-1960. This is an unused, never weighted pair carved from Balsa Wood. Beautiful feather paint in the traditional Crisfield School manner. Sold.

Sanderling shorebird by Marty Linton, Saxis, VA and currently Pocomoke City, MD. Carved from white pine. Antiqued patina with a splined bill thru head. ML branded under body. $300.

Bluebill by August G. Heinfield, (1880-1957) Rock Hall, MD this old warrior is in old working repaint. This is a heavy decoy, probably carved from pine. Most of Mr. Heinfield's decoys were sanded well. $300.

Red Breasted Merganser by Mark Daisey, b. 1970, Chincoteague,  VA. Full size "Shellduck" in the style of Miles Hancock.  Branded MARK on bottom. Sold.

Pintail by Mark Daisey, Chincoteague,  VA. 2021. Mint, outstanding Sprig tail. A lot of combing on this stud. Back feathers and primaries as well as tail feathers are carved! Excellent competition  grade carving. Stamped, Signed and dated. $975.

Ruddy Duck by Ronnie White, knotts Island, NC a nice high head model with a smooth and dark patina. $150.


Sanderling, Crisfield, MD. Circa. 1960. This little folk art piece is about 7 inches long, bill to tail and stands almost 5 inches tall. Wire legs and painted feet. No markings or signature. Attributed to Tyler family or Sherm Jones. $275.

Lloyd sterling LLoyd Sterling
Lloyd Sterling
Greater YellowLegs by Lloyd A. Sterling (1880-1964) Crisfield, MD. This YellowLegs is approx 15 inches long, bill-tail. Believe this bird to have been made in the 1950's. Tack eyes and metal legs on a medallion corner block base. Classic Crisfield School for only $650. Lloyd Sterling

Black Bellied Plover by R K Smoker, Selinsgrove, PA. This Plover is approx 8 inches long, has glass eyes and slightly raised/relief wings. Signed under Cedar base. $275.

Miniature BlueBill/Scaupe from the Stratford, Conn area. Appears to be about 60-70 years old. Measures about 3.75 inches in length. $75.

YellowLegs by Ross Smoker. Nice aged patina. Display is very appealing and stands about 10 inches tall. R.K. Smoker branded and signed on bottom. $275.

Pintail PR by James Eldred Tyler (1900-1995) Crisfield, MD. These Folky carvings are a fine example of Mr Tyler's work. Made during the 1970's for the tourist trade. The drake measures approx 14 inches long and the hen approx 13 inches. Both are signed. $475.

Don Briddell Don Briddell
Don Briddell
Don Briddell, Black Duck, MT Airey, MD formally Crisfield,  MD. Large gunning decoy in the Crisfield style. Measures about 19 inches, bill-tail. Body carved from Balsa. Nice paint. $500. Don Briddell
Lloyd Tyler Lloyd Tyler
Lloyd Tyler
Pintail by Lloyd Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield, MD. Circa 1940. Long, 21 inches, Bill to tail. Nice Tyler form with gunning wear. Crack in neck but firm. A great Lloyd Tyler to own. Sold. Lloyd Tyler
Paul Nock Paul Nock
Paul Nock
Black Duck pair by Paul Nock, Salisbury, MD. 1964. This miniature pair measure about 9 inches long, bill-tail. Great paint with raised primary feathers. Small chip repair on drakes' elevated primary feather tip. Formerly in the collection of Brantley Watkins of Pocomoke, MD. Dated 12/64. Paul Nock and address printed on bottoms. $400. Paul Nock

American Bald Eagle by Skinner, N.C. Nice primitive Eagle with a 16 inch wing span. Stands about 4 inches tall. A lot of detailed carving on wings and body. $125.
N C  Peep N C  Peep
N C  Peep
North Carolina Peep shorebird. Very unique swirl paint pattern on back. Carved eyes and hardwood bill splined thru head. No markings. $275. N C  Peep


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