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Mason Challenge Grade Bluebill. Solid body, original paint and glass eyes. Circa 1920. Appears to be IV on ballast pad weight. $1,500.

Coot by James L. Rowe, Back Bay, VA circa 1938. Jimmy worked at the Newport News Shipyard where he machined aluminum heads and ballast for his coot decoys. JL ROWE is stamped on bottom. $1,200.

Gadwall pair by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge, VA. This pair is signed, dated, and branded. $1700.

Capt Jess Urie, (1901-1978) Rock Hall, MD. Bluebill, Scaupe circa 1940's. Nice low head without a neck crack. Hand chopped with clean paint. Sold.



Canada Goose by Dan Brown (1930-2010), Salisbury
MD. This swimming goose measures about
11 inches long. Signed and dated 1977. $475.

Dove by Mark Daisey, b. 1970, Chincoteague, VA. This carving was done in 2021 and has carved primary feathers and glass eyes. Signed and dated and stamped. $500.

Yellow legs by Bob White,Tullytown, PA. This appears to be in the Hudson style. Measures approx 11 inches long. Signed and dated, 1984. $1,400.

Third size Merganser by James Corbett Reed (1897-1982) Chincoteague, VA. Nice textured paint on sides and lower back. JC Reed stamped underneath. Sold.

Canada Goose by Oliver Lawson, b. 1938, Crisfield, MD. This "Duck House", Rumbley, MD miniature carving Is signed and dated, 1959. The Duck House label is attached. Very fine paint on this balsa wood carved antique. Sold.

Long Billed Curlew by C.W. Waterfield, Knotts Island, N.C. This Curlew is signed and dated 12/18. He stands approx. 12 inches tall, standing, wire legs, on drift wood. Glass eyes were inserted in face. $600.

Canvasback drake by Paul Gibson (1902-1985) Havre de Grace, MD. This well dressed king with glass eyes, seems to have a second suit on. Very good condition. $150.


Dowitcher by Mark Daisey, b.1970, Chincoteague, VA. This 9 inch tall shore bird was made in 2015.This Dowitcher is branded MARK under bird and signed, dated $550.

Red Breasted Merganser pair by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey (1928-2017) Chincoteague, VA. This pair is circa. 1980. Both are branded and signed. The drake measures about 18 long, bill-tail. The hen is approx 16 inches long. Slight paint shrinkage on Drake's breast and slight nail pop on hen's head. $2,900.

Blue Winged Teal pair by James "Corb" Reed (1897-1982) Chincoteague, VA. This miniature pair measures just under 7 inches long. Corb's outstanding paint adorns these teal and even under bottoms. $1,200.

Tundra Swan by Bob White, Tullytown, PA March 16, 2004. Signed and dated on the bottom. Just under 6 inches long and 4 inches high. This miniature has crossed primary wings, sculped tail feathers, and beautiful painted highlights. $1,075.

Gadwall pair by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge, VA. This pair is signed, dated, and branded. $1700.
Lloyd sterling LLoyd Sterling
Lloyd Sterling
Greater YellowLegs by Lloyd A. Sterling (1880-1964) Crisfield, MD. This YellowLegs is approx 15 inches long, bill-tail. Believe this bird to have been made in the 1950's. Tack eyes and metal legs on a medallion corner block base. Classic Crisfield School for only $900. Lloyd Sterling

Brant by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. 1968. Mint miniature with scratch paint and tack eyes. Signed and dated. Fairly hard to find mini. $450

Canvasback pair by Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield,  MD 1973. This pair was originally from the Robert McCurdy collection as noted on the bottom. Excellent condition with minor age shrinkage and a sap bleed spot on hens tail. Stipple painted on drake. Both are hollowed and have glass eyes. Signed and dated on bottom. $4300.

Curlew by Jode Hillman, b. 1972, Mullica Hills, NJ. This hollow carved feeding Curlew is painted with oils. Excellent brush work accentuates the fine tail feather carving. This Curlew measures approx. 24 inches, bill-tail. $600.

Hooded Merganser pair by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey (1928-2017) Chincoteague, VA. Circa 1970. These gunners were made in the style of S. Douglas Jester who passed in 1961. Sold.

Laughing Gull by Ronald Justis, (b.1979) Chincoteague, VA. This is a new creation by Ronald. Gull stands on a post top and carving measures 12 inches tall to top of head. Measures 13 inches, bill-tail. Carved legs and applied feet. $450.

Great Horned Owl from the North East US. Circa 1970. Approx 16 inches tall with some paint shrinkage/ crazing. This owl has glass eyes and rest on a dowl and Cedar wood base. Right ear has been broken and glued back on. Paint chip missing on top of head. True American Folk Art. $850.

Carolina Chickadee by Ronald Justis, b. 1970, Chincoteague, VA. 6 inch tall carving and wood branch stand. Signed and dated. $175.

Hooded Merganser pair by Mark Daisey, b. 1970, Chincoteague, VA. Gunning birds in gunned wear. Solid bodies. $700.

Dove pair by Brooks Co., Houston, Tx. Circa. 1952-1960. Fiber board construction. $85.

Bluebill/Lesser Scaup hen by Mark Daisey b.1970, Chincoteague, VA. 1988. This hen is an early one and has lots of detailed carving and paint. Carved mandibles and glass eyes. Signed and dated. $425.

Bufflehead by Bobby Castlebury, Brookston, TX. 1985. Outsanding feather combing, carved, layering details. Hollowed from the bottom. $450.

Sanderling shorebird by Marty Linton, Saxis, VA and currently Pocomoke City, MD. Carved from white pine. Antiqued patina with a splined bill thru head. ML branded under body. $300.

Ruddy Duck by Ronnie White, knotts Island, NC a nice high head model with a smooth and dark patina. $150.


Sanderling, Crisfield, MD. Circa. 1960. This little folk art piece is about 7 inches long, bill to tail and stands almost 5 inches tall. Wire legs and painted feet. No markings or signature. Attributed to Tyler family or Sherm Jones. $275.

Black Bellied Plover by R K Smoker, Selinsgrove, PA. This Plover is approx 8 inches long, has glass eyes and slightly raised/relief wings. Signed under Cedar base. $275.

Miniature BlueBill/Scaupe from the Stratford, Conn area. Appears to be about 60-70 years old. Measures about 3.75 inches in length. $175.

YellowLegs by Ross Smoker. Nice aged patina. Display is very appealing and stands about 10 inches tall. R.K. Smoker branded and signed on bottom. $275.

American Bald Eagle by Skinner, N.C. Nice primitive Eagle with a 16 inch wing span. Stands about 4 inches tall. A lot of detailed carving on wings and body. $125.
N C  Peep N C  Peep
N C  Peep
North Carolina Peep shorebird. Very unique swirl paint pattern on back. Carved eyes and hardwood bill splined thru head. No markings. $275. N C  Peep


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