Raine's Tavern Duck Decoys

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Golden Plover by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. This Cobb style shorebird has slightly raised wings and measures about 9 inches long. Nice aged patina adds to the beauty of this classic looking Plover. Stand included. $900.

Pintail PR by James Eldred Tyler (1900-1995) Crisfield, MD. These Folky carvings are a fine example of Mr Tyler's work. Made during the 1970's for the tourist trade. The drake measures approx 14 inches long and the hen approx 13 inches. Both are signed. $475.

YellowLegs by Rich Smoker, Marion Station, MD.  This 2019 shorebird is carved from cedarwood and painted with oils. An oak bill is splined through the head. Rich's signed and dated brass stand is included. A very nice one here! $475.


Lesser Scaup/BlueBill by Delbert "CIGAR" Daisey, (1928-2017) Chincoteague, VA. Circa 1980's. This Better Hunting Grade decoy has carved,combed head feathers and a carved bill and mandible. Primary feathers are also accentuated with knife. Comb feathering on back and sides as well. Signed and branded. Sold.

Blue Winged Teal by Frank Finney. Stands approx 2.5 inches tall on a "mud tump" base. F F carved under base. Small glass eyes adorn this miniature. $395.

Bufflehead drake by Dan Brown,1930-2010, Salisbury, MD. This gunner was made circa 1970 and measures approx 13 inches long. Wear is minimal for this 50 year old warrior. Mr. Brown was an original founder of The Ward Museum in Salisbury. Dan's stamp is on the bottom.


Willet by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. This shorebird measures about 14 inches long, bill-tail. Carved eyes and Mark's Walnut stand included. McNair inscribed under bottom. $1,100

Oliver lawson Oliver lawson
Oliver lawson
Laughing Gull, Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD 1991. Beautiful carving by Mr Lawson with  wide tail feathers and painted overlapping Primaries. This Gull is in a Spring/Summer Plumage. In Spring, the Laughing Gulls head turns black. Signed and dated. $1,950. Oliver lawson


White Egret by Frank Finny. Very fine miniature standing on a marsh stump. Inset glass eyes along with light brush strokes highlight this little carving. Egret is approximately 3+ inches tall. Rare and priced right Sold.

Widgeon Pair by William Tyler, cousin to Lloyd Tyler and Eldred Tyler of Crisfield, MD. Circa 1950's. This miniature pair is approx 7-8 inches long. A similar pair is on page 57 of Henry Stansbury's book "Lloyd J. Tyler Folk Artist, Decoy Maker". WHC initials under bottom. $500.

Lloyd Tyler Lloyd Tyler
Lloyd Tyler
Pintail by Lloyd Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield, MD. Circa 1940. Long, 21 inches, Bill to tail. Nice Tyler form with gunning wear. Crack in neck but firm. A great Lloyd Tyler to own. $1,300. Lloyd Tyler

Snow Goose by Danny Marshall, Chincoteague, VA.  Circa 1980's. Hollow and carved from Pine for Sommers Headley as written on bottom along with Mr Marshall's stamp. Evident is the Crisfield style that Danny studied and crafted his style while spending many years with Len and Steve Ward. Sommers was a very popular collector from Delaware and originally New Jersey. Mr Headly has been deceased for approximately 30 years. This Goose is about 18 inches long, bill-tail. $1,100.

Dan Brown Dan Brown
Dan Brown
Mallard pr by Dan Brown, Salisbury, MD. (1930-2010) Dated 1973. This miniature pr measures approx 7.5 inches long. A few minor paint rubs are on each. Both are signed and dated. $350. Dan Brown

Green wing Teal pair by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge, VA. Signed, dated 2000. Nice pair here for Sold.

Widgeon by Frank Finney, Capeville, VA.
 Approximately 2.5 inches tall,
 standing on a mud tump.
 Glass eyes on this delicate Baldpate carving.
Frank's initials carved in base. $395.


Dave stavley Dave stavley
Dave stavley
Canada Goose by Dave Stavely, Easton, MD 1969. Fantastic raised and overlapped primaries on this miniature, 8 inch long goose. Excellent condition. $100. Dave stavley

Gadwall drake by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge, VA 2021. Fresh and great looking hollow gunning stool. Nice comb paint and scratch paint on sides and breast. "C" carved under bottom, signed and dated. Sold.

Widgeon/Baldpate by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. Nice retired warrior in a swimming posture. Rigged for the hunt but resting on the shelf. Small chip under bill. C carved under bottom. $375.

Standing and Preening Wood Duck by Roger C. Mitchell, Kingston, Mass. Circa 1980. This art-piece is approx. 3.5 inches tall on a "mud stump". Signed on bottom. $285.

Ring-neck pair by R.K. Smoker, Selinsgrove, PA. This gunning pair by Ross is carved from a wood composite. Mint condition, signed R.K. and stamped R.K.S. om keel bottom. Sold.

Alert Ruddy Duck by Brian Piccirrilo, Miami, Fla. This hollowed Ruddy is creatively styled with attached wings, inset in body and a high head. Upswept tail has BP carved underneath. A bottom board is nailed to add to the antiqued patina. Sold.

Pete Petterson Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson
BlueBill/Lesser Scaup pair by Pete Peterson. 2014.This pair was part of a gunning rig used in Canada. Patina is outstanding with painted eyes,nail through head, rusty nails through neck, ballast weight and ring. Unique style, stamped, signed and dated under bottom of drake. Sold. Pete Peterson
Mark Daisey Mark Daisey
Mark Daisey
Black Duck by Mark Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. This gunning bird is in the style of Ira Hudson and has rusty tack eyes, ice groove behind neck, scratch painted feathers and a fluted tail. Nice looking bird for shelf or blind. $400. Mark Daisey
Richard Roth Richard Roth
Richard Roth
Full size Woodcock carving by Richard Roth, Massachusetts, 1996. This art piece is one of a kind and sits on a 10 inch long Walnut base. Finely carved feathers and soft colors adorn this Woodcock. Richard was a fishing guide @ The Timberdoodle Club in Temple, New Hampshire and currently resides in Massachusetts with his wife where the operate a high end Pottery Shop. Richard no longer carves. Sold. Richard Roth

Blue Winged Teal pr by Rick Brown, Brick Township, NJ. These 2013 Delaware River Teal are hollowed and have carved primaries and tail feathers. Outstanding paint in mint condition. Signed, dated and badged PT. Pleasant, Ocean County. $450.

Bufflehead pr by Pete Peterson, Capeville, VA 1999. Outstanding gunning pr, drake approx 14 inches long and hen approx 13 inches long. Relief primary wings on each. Slightly turned head on drake. Branded, signed and dated.

 Snow Goose by Charlie Bryan, (1920-2008) Middle River, MD. A fine and rare decoy by Mr. Bryan as only a few dozen were made. This 1980 Goose is in great condition minus a small paint bubble on right side of breast. Signed and dated. Sold.

Mallard pair by Larry Tawes, Salisbury, MD 1973. Near 50 year old miniature, 6 inches long, has glass eyes and a great body form. Small dent in hen's right wing. Signed and dated. $400.
Mason Mason
Blue Wing Teal, Premier Mason style. Painted and restored by Paul Fortin. This Teal is hollowed and has what sounds like "shot" rattling inside. $450. Mason
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Herring Gull, Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Confidence decoy approx. 18 inches long. Hollowed with slightly raised wings. Keel has a metal strap along bottom edge. Stand included. Carved and painted eyes. McNair branded on bottom fine neck crack but firm. Circa 1999 from Mark's personal rig. $2,000.

Mark McNair
New Jersey Yellowlega New Jersey Yellow Legs
New Jersey Yellow legs
YellowLegs shorebird flattie. Atlantic City, NJ area. Inserted bill, bird is approx 1/2 inch thick and measures about 10 inches bill-tail. 0ld paint and wear. $150. New Jersey Yellow legs
Robbie LewisRobbie Lewis Robbie LewisRobbie Lewis
Robbie Lewis
Red Breast Merganser pair by Robbie Lewis, Onancock, VA. Large, 17 inches long and 10 inches tall, top of head. Carved from Cotton Wood and hollowed. RKL and Masonic emblem carved under bottom. Corn cob weight attached. Drakes comb is made from horse hair. Nice ornamental gunners. $650.
Robbie Lewis
atlantic flattie atlantic flattie
atlantic flattie

Shorebird, Curlew, Flattie stick up with inserted Bill. Atlantic Coast, probably N.J. to Massachusetts. Measures about 12 inches long, Bill to tail. Bird is only one half inch thick. $125. shipped.



Paul Nock Paul Nock
Paul Nock
Black Duck pair by Paul Nock, Salisbury, MD. 1964. This miniature pair measure about 9 inches long, bill-tail. Great paint with raised primary feathers. Small chip repair on drakes' elevated primary feather tip. Formerly in the collection of Brantley Watkins of Pocomoke, MD. Dated 12/64. Paul Nock and address printed on bottoms. $400. Paul Nock
Tom Fitzpatrick Tom Fitzpatrick
Tom FitzpatrickTom Fitzpatrick
Delaware River Blackduck by Tom Fitzpatrick, Delanco, NJ circa. 1920's. A nice content head pose with outstanding Primary wing carving. Partially hollowed and inserted bottom board and ballast weight attached. Eyes have rusted away or broken off it appears. Old dry crack runs thru bottom of the body. Fine Delaware River decoy for $350. Tom Fitzpatrick
Dove Brooks Co Dove Brooks Co
Dove Brooks Co
Pair of Fiber Board Dove decoys by The Brooks Dove Company, Houston, Texas. Circa 1950's. Another Fiber Board Dove Decoy Company in Houston during the 50's was Real D-Coy. $95. Shipped to lower 48.Dove Brooks CO Dove Brooks Co
Lloyd sterling LLoyd Sterling
Lloyd Sterling
Greater YellowLegs by Lloyd A. Sterling (1880-1964) Crisfield, MD. This YellowLegs is approx 15 inches long, bill-tail. Believe this bird to have been made in the 1950's. Tack eyes and metal legs on a medallion corner block base. Classic Crisfield School for only $650. Lloyd Sterling
Lloyd tyler Lloyd tyler
Lloyd tyler
Yellowleg by Lloyd Tyler, 1950's, Crisfield, MD. Some have attributed the carving to a cab driver from Pocomoke, while Lloyd painted them. Similar shorebird is found on page 69 of Henry Stansbury's book Lloyd Tyler. $300. Lloyd tyler

American Bald Eagle by Skinner, N.C. Nice primitive Eagle with a 16 inch wing span. Stands about 4 inches tall. A lot of detailed carving on wings and body. $125.
Bill Cranmer Bill Cranmer
Bill Cranmer
Herring Gull by Bill Cranmer (1917-2008), Beach Haven, NJ. Hollowed body with wide cheeks and glass eyes. $875. Bill Cranmer
Miles Hancock Miles Hancock
Miles hancock
Pintail by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. This Pintail is carved from Cottonwood and displays a Hudson like "Banjo" sprig. A more rare style for Mr. Hancock. Hardware has been removed and a thin coat of varnish was applied. $750. Miles Hancock
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Bluebill/Scaupe by Mark McNair, 1974. This Connecticut style decoy is One of 100 from a gunning rig for Tommy Dolany and Orie Jones.  A early back preener by Mark with fine scratch paint on back. Old dry wood splits and one chip under tail. Signed, dated and McNair carved under bottom. $800.
Mark McNair
Walt Oler Walt Oler
Walt Oler

Herring Gull, Walt Oler, originally from NJ and relocated to Chincoteague, VA about 1970's. A nice Jersey style Confidence decoy with an inletted ballast weight and hollowed. Branded, WM Oler. Excellent condition. $375.

Walt Oler
Ward Bros. Ward Bros.
Ward Bros.
Herring Gull by Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield, MD. Dated 1954. 18 inches in length. Carved from Balsa Wood with raised primary feathers. Glass eyes. Latin name, Laura Argentatus, written on bottom. $3900. Ward Bros.
N C  Peep N C  Peep
N C  Peep
North Carolina Peep shorebird. Very unique swirl paint pattern on back. Carved eyes and hardwood bill splined thru head. No markings. $325. N C  Peep
Hurley Conklin Hurley Conklin
Hurley Conklin
"Root Head" shorebird by Hurley Conklin, NJ. Circa 1970's. Small, 8.5 inches head to tail. H C stamped in base. $225.
Hurley Conklin
Ryan Dockowitz Ryan Dockowitz
Ryan Dockowitz
Curlew by Ryan Dockiewicz, Cape Charles, VA. Nice appealing VA style with painted eyes and inletted Bill.  Shot marks and  pellets on bird. "D" carved under belly.  $300. Ryan Dockowitz
Mallards Mallards
Chincoteague Mallards that resemble Hudson family and Miles Hancock paint patterns. Carved from Cypress and never rigged. Old thick paint. Probably from the 1940's or 50's. Mallard decoys were rarely made on Chincoteague.  $1100.

Don Briddell Don Briddell
Don Briddell
Don Briddell, Black Duck, MT Airey, MD formally Crisfield,  MD. Large gunning decoy in the Crisfield style. Measures about 19 inches, bill-tail. Body carved from Balsa. Nice paint. $650. Don Briddell
Unknown Mallard Unknown Mallard
Unknown Mallard
1/3 sized Mallard by Tom Haman, Middletown,DE circa 1990. Thanks to Matt Burton for info. Tom sold decoys out of a crab shedding opperation near Lewis, DE. Tom was known for his gunning decoys versus these rare decoratives. $100. Unknown Mallard


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