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Cameron McIntyre Cameron McIntyre
Cameron McIntyre
Yellow Legs by Cameron McIntyre, New Church, VA. Nice patina and paint on this 12 inch long, Bill to tail, shorebird with carved eyes and splined bill thru head. CTM carved under bottom. Stand and shipping included. $950. Cameron McIntyre
Ronals Justis Ronals Justis
Ronals Justis

Mallard pair by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 2019. Very fine miniature pair, 3.5 inches tall and approx 4 inches bill to tail. Outstanding paint detail. Walnut base with painted feet and wire legs. Special pair here. $325.
Ronals Justis
Cigar daisey Cigar daisey
Cigar Daisey
Bufflehead pair by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey (1928-2017) Chincoteague, VA. This pair is stamped, earliest stamp, signed and dated 1970. Similar PR can be seen in Doily Fulcher's outstanding book on "Cigar" found on pages 34 and 169. This near 50 year old pair was never rigged. $1,800. Cigar Dasiey
Oliver lawson Oliver lawson
Oliver lawson
Mini Green Winged pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD 1968. Cedar carved and approx 7 inches long. Mr Lawson's outstanding painting on display. Signed and dated.  $525. Oliver lawson
Ira Hudson Ira Hudson
Ira Hudson
Black Duck, IRA Hudson, Chincoteague, VA. circa 1930's. Football style with smooth tail and tack eyes. Similar decoy on page 71 in Henry Fleckenstein's book "Southern Decoys". $1075 Ira Hudson
Grayson Chesser Grayson Chesser
Grayson Chesser
Green Winged Teal Pair by Grayson Chesser,  Sanford, VA. Tried and true gunners retired to the shelf. $600.
Grayson Chesser
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Peep, Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Feeding pose with carved, slightly raised primaries. Mark's stand included. $600. Mark McNair
Ira Hudson Ira Hudson
Ira Hudson
BlueBill Hen, Ira Hudson, Chincoteague, VA circa 1930's. Original condition. Outstanding form. Fluted "Banjo" tail, ice groove on back and tack eyes. Similar decoy on pg. 65 in Henry Fleckenstein's "Southern Decoys" book. MK brand on bottom from collection of Dr. Morton Kramer, Baltimore, MD Sold. Ira Hudson
Ian McNair Ian Mcnair
Ian McNair
Hudsonian Curlew by Ian McNair, 2019. Slightly raised wings and carved eyes on this fine Curlew. Bill is splined thru head. I McNair carved under bottom and signed and dated under articulate Rosewood stand. $375. Ian McNair
Cobb brant Cobb brant
Cobb brant
Cobb Island, VA Brant. Outstanding century plus old body with a probable early head replacement. Carved eyes, splined Bill thru head. "H" appears to be carved under bottom. Out of a fine Virginia collection. $2,800. Cobb brant
Cameron macintyre Cameron macintyre
Cameron macintyre
Canvasback by Cameron McIntyre, New Church, VA Carved in 1997. "CTM" carved in bottom. Relief wing carving and scratch/comb painting on white feathering. "From the Artist's Personal Hunting Rig made in 1997 used 21 years" signed on underside. Sold . Cameron macintyre
lloyd sterling lloyd sterling
lloyd sterling
Canvasback by Lloyd Sterling (1880-1964) Crisfield, MD. This fat jawed decoy has great back textured lead stippled paint. This bird was previously in Davidson Hawthorne's collection as he wrote Lloyd Sterling on bottom which he shared with me about 12 years ago. "TM" is also lightly stamped under bottom. Measures about 15 inches bill to tail. Sold. lloyd sterling
Marty Hanson Marty Hanson
Marty Hanson

Bluebill pair by Marty Hanson, Prior Lake, MN. This mint pair of gunners have finely carved Primary feathers, glass eyes and a sturdy keel. Solid bodies. Hanson Decoy stamp on bottom.

Marty Hanson
Lloyd sterling LLoyd Sterling
Lloyd Sterling
Greater YellowLegs by Lloyd A. Sterling (1880-1964) Crisfield, MD. This YellowLegs is approx 15 inches long, bill-tail. Believe this bird to have been made in the 1950's. Tack eyes and metal legs on a medallion corner block base. Classic Crisfield School for only $800. Lloyd Sterling
Lloyd tyler Lloyd tyler
Lloyd tyler
Yellowleg by Lloyd Tyler, 1950's, Crisfield, MD. Some have attributed the carving to a cab driver from Pocomoke, while Lloyd painted them. Similar shorebird is found on page 69 of Henry Stansbury's book Lloyd Tyler. $550. Lloyd tyler
Pete peterson Pete Peterson
Pwte Peterson
Downy Woodpecker by E.J. "Pete" Peterson, Cape Charles, VA 1997. Life size bird mounted on an antiqued plaque. Sold. Pete Peterson
Lloyd Tyler Lloyd Tyler
Lloyd Tyler
Pintail by Lloyd Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield, MD. Circa 1940. Long, 21 inches, Bill to tail. Nice Tyler form with gunning wear. Crack in neck but firm. A great Lloyd Tyler to own. $1,300. Lloyd Tyler
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Red Knot/Robin Snipe by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. This beautiful Cobb Family style shorebird measures about 10 inches bill-tail. Very nice patina with the bill splined thru the head. Red Knot rest on Mark's Walnut stand. Sale pending. Mark McNair
Ryan Dockowitz Ryan Dockowitz
Ryan Dockowitz
Curlew by Ryan Dockiewicz, Cape Charles, VA. Nice appealing VA style with painted eyes and inletted Bill.  Shot marks and  pellets on bird. "D" carved under belly.  $375. Ryan Dockowitz
Mallards Mallards
Chincoteague Mallards that resemble Hudson family and Miles Hancock paint patterns. Carved from Cypress and never rigged. Old thick paint. Probably from the 1940's or 50's. Mallard decoys were rarely made on Chincoteague.  $1100.

Marty Linton Marty Linton
Marty Linton
Doug Jester Black Duck by Marty Linton, Pocomoke, MD. What a fine counterfeit by Marty! The details and patina on this decoy would fool many. ML carved under tail. Get an awesome replica here for only  $275. Marty Linton
Brian Piccarillo Brian Piccarrello
Brian Pi
Ruddy Duck by Brian Picarillo, Miami, FL. A uniquely styled hollow decoy with aged and worn patina. Head is inletted into body in a preening pose. BP carved under tail. $350 Brian P
Art Kilmon Art Kilmon
Art Kilmon
Black Duck by Art Kilman, Pocomoke City, MD. 1988 Outstanding hollowed decoy signed and dated. Art stopped carving and attending decoy shows about 20 years ago. Not many of his decoys are available. $325. Art Kilmon
Mark McNair Mark Mcnair
Mark McNair
Red Knot by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Eloquent style and patina on this shorebird. #3 punched under breast. Only 12 of these were made. McNair incised under bottom. Carved eyes. Mark's stand included. $750.
Pete Peterson Pete Peterson
Pete peterson
Ruddy Duck by Pete Peterson,  Cape Charles, VA. Great style, measures about 10 inches breast-tail. Gunning decoy,signature barely legible and branded. $350 Pete Peterson
Gary Marshall Gary Marshall
Gary Marshall
Black Duck pair by Gary Marshall, Cambridge, MD. 2010. Articulat carved miniatures with raised primaries. Hen has a slightly turned head and tucked bill. Signed and dated. $325. Gary Marshall
Ronald Justis Ronald Justis
Ronald Justis
Ira Hudson style Mallard wall hanger by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. Mallard measures approx. 11 inches bill to tail and wooden plaque measres approx. 9 inches tall. $225. Ronald Justis
Reg Birch Reg Birch
Reg Birch
Canvasback by Reg Birch. Chesapeake Bay Wing Duck with a great appearance. Nicely aged and would fool most. R Birch carved in underside. $325. Reg Birch
Corb Reed Corb Reed
Corb Reed
Black Duck by James "Corb" Reed, ( 1897-1987 ) Chincoteague,  VA. Circa 1940's. A gunning decoy with pegged bottom board. Dry flaking paint in one area. $400. Corb Reed
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Curlew by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Carved "Root Head" in the traditional VA style. Made for VA Eastern Shire Ducks Unlimited. Hole in tail for carrying multiple shorebirds.  Shot marks part of the patina on this McNair creation. McNair incised under bottom. Stand included. $750. Mark McNair
Don Briddell Don Briddell
Don Briddell
Don Briddell, Black Duck, MT Airey, MD formally Crisfield,  MD. Large gunning decoy in the Crisfield style. Measures about 19 inches, bill-tail. Body carved from Balsa. Nice paint. $650. Don Briddell
Cigar Daisey Cigar Daisey
Cigar Daisey
Bufflehead pair, Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague VA circa 1980. Finely carved with accented primaries. Never weighted or used. Original brand and signed. $2200. Cigar Daisey
Ira Thornes Ira Thornes
Ira Thornes
Miniature, 4 inch, Mallard by the late Ira James Thornes, 8/29/28- 01/17/10. Clam, VA. Mr Thornes was life long resident of the area. A WWII Veteren, and worked 37 years for VA Highway Department. A similar Mallard is pictured on page 96, Fig. 140 in Barry and Velma Berkey's book Chincoteague Carvers and Their Decoys 1981. $65. Ira Thornes
Ira Thornes Ira Thornes
Ira Thornes
Miniature Humming Bird by the late Ira James Thornes, 8/29/28- 01/17/10. Clam, VA. Mr Thornes was life long resident of the area. A WWII Veteren, and worked 37 years for VA Highway Department. This Ruby Thoraded Humming Bird stands about 4 inches tall. $85. Ira Thornes
Unknown Mallard Unknown Mallard
Unknown Mallard
1/3 sized Mallard by Tom Haman, Middletown,DE circa 1990. Thanks to Matt Burton for info. Tom sold decoys out of a crab shedding opperation near Lewis, DE. Tom was known for his gunning decoys versus these rare decoratives. $175. Unknown Mallard
Ralph Reed Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed
A very nice pheasant by Ralph Reed Chincoteague, Va. Circa. 1970's. A great find off the island. Mr Reed lived on Ocean Blvd and made and sold carvings during the 1960s 70s and mid 80s. This pheasant is in excellent condition and stands 8 inches tall. $50. Ralph Reed
Decoys deluxe Decoys deluxe
Decoys deluxe

Decoys Deluxe, Morrison, IL. ca. 1939-1940's. These factory decoys were produced from live birds preserved through taxidermy. Decoys Deluxe were produced only in the Mallard species. $300

Information obtained from North American Factory Decoys 2003, Kenneth L. Trayer. Reyart Publishing


Decoys deluxe


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