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Richard Roth Richard Roth
Richard Roth
Full size Woodcock carving by Richard Roth, Massachusetts, 1996. This art piece is one of a kind and sits on a 10 inch long Walnut base. Finely carved feathers and soft colors adorn this Woodcock. Richard was a fishing guide @ The Timberdoodle Club in Temple, New Hampshire and currently resides in Massachusetts with his wife where the operate a high end Pottery Shop. Richard no longer carves. $600. Richard Roth
James White James White
James White
Bob White Quail by James White (1931-2019) Cairo, GA. 1988. Jim, originally from Trenton, NJ relocated to GA while in the U.S. Air Force. This full-size quail measures approx 8 inches long, head to tail. Slightly carved wings and glass eyes with a mellowed, like new patina. Acquired at Riverview Plantation (quail hunting preserve) in Camilla, GA. Purchased from Jim in 1988. $500. James White
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Bluebill/Scaupe by Mark McNair, 1974. This Connecticut style decoy is One of 100 from a gunning rig for Tommy Dolany and Orie Jones.  A early back preener by Mark with fine scratch paint on back. Old dry wood splits and one chip under tail. Signed, dated and McNair carved under bottom. $800.
Mark McNair
Cigar Daisey Cigar Daisey
Cigar Daisey
Red Breasted Merganser pair by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey (1928-2017) Chincoteague, VA. This pair are from the 1970's and painted with Oils. Note feather paint patterns on hen. Branded, signed. Cigar weights attached. Nice early pair. $1,550. Cigar Daisey
Walt Oler Walt Oler
Walt Oler

Herring Gull, Walt Oler, originally from NJ and relocated to Chincoteague, VA about 1970's. A nice Jersey style Confidence decoy with an inletted ballast weight and hollowed. Branded, WM Oler. Excellent condition. $375.

Walt Oler
Hurley Conklin Hurley Conklin
Hurley Conklin

Red Breasted Merganser pair by Hurley Conklin (1913-1991) Manahawkin, NJ. 1967. Hollow carved gunning birds with glass eyes. Out of a 30+ year collection with old collector tags attached. Excellent and unused. $650.
Hurley Conklin
Robbie Lewis Robbie Lewis
Robbie Lewis

Mallard pair by Robbie Lewis, Onancock, VA. 2003. Carved from Cottonwood and hollow. This gunning pair has a nice high profile and raised primaries. $500.

Robbie Lewis
Billy Crockett Billy Crockett
Billy Crockett
YellowLegs by Billy Crockett, Parksley, VA. 2006. This artistic shorebird stands about 4.5 inches tall and measures 8 inches bill-tail. Feeding posture with an open bill. Standing on a 12 inch long piece of driftwood. A unique and limited piece by Billy. Sale Pending Billy Crockett
Paul Gabian Paul Gabian
Paul Gabian
Bluebill pair by Paul Gibson, 1902-1985, Havre de Grace, MD 1979.  Mr Gibson started making decoys at the age of 13. Retired in 1965 as Fire Chief of the Edgewood Arsenal. Gibson's heads were carved from White Pine and have a wide bill and a V cut going up the face. Legend has it that around 1979, Mr Gibson, nearing the end of his decoy production had run out of staples and rings (note this example) and shortly after his lead was used up and his decoys did not have ballast weights. This signed and dated pair is $400. Paul Gabian
Ira Skees Ira Skees
Ira Skees
Curlew in Cobb Island style by Ira Skees, Onancock, VA. Nice worn antique patina, bill inserted through head with carved in eyes. Approx. 16 inches in length bill to tail. I. Skees carved under the bottom. Body width is approx. 3 inches. $350. Ira Skees
Madison Mitchell Madison Mitchell
Madison Mitchell
Pintails, R. Madison Mitchell shop birds, Havre De Grace MD. Made in the late 70's or early 80's. Mr Mitchell was the "Henry Ford" of decoy making and he had many young carvers helping him. These birds have probably had a few Havre De Grace makers hands on them. $375. Madison Mitchell
Ward Bros. Ward Bros.
Ward Bros.
Herring Gull by Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield, MD. Dated 1954. 18 inches in length. Carved from Balsa Wood with raised primary feathers. Glass eyes. Latin name, Laura Argentatus, written on bottom. $3900. Ward Bros.
Ben Annis Ben Annis
Ben Annis
Shorebird, Curlew by Ben Annis, Guilford/Bloxom, VA. Approx 11 inches, bill-tail. Note the pupils in eyes. Mr Annis passed away in the 1960's and this bird appears to have been made late 1950's. Brown porch paint was used and the oil has come to the surface for a glass like effect. Bill appears to have been splined thru the head. Mr Annis made primarily miniatures that were brightly painted. $200. Ben Annis
Grayson Chesser Grayson Chesser
Grayson Chesser
Green Winged Teal by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. Circa 1986. Great preening pose hen.  One  owner pair, never gunned. Purchased directly from Grayson. Sold.

Grayson Chesser
N C  Peep N C  Peep
N C  Peep
North Carolina Peep shorebird. Very unique swirl paint pattern on back. Carved eyes and hardwood bill splined thru head. No markings. $325. N C  Peep
Oliver lawson Oliver lawson
Oliver lawson
Laughing Gull, Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD 1991. Beautiful carving by Mr Lawson with  wide tail feathers and painted overlapping Primaries. This Gull is in a Spring/Summer Plumage. In Spring, the Laughing Gulls head turns black. Signed and dated. $1,450. Oliver lawson
Hurley Conklin Hurley Conklin
Hurley Conklin
"Root Head" shorebird by Hurley Conklin, NJ. Circa 1970's. Small, 8.5 inches head to tail. H C stamped in base. $225.
Hurley Conklin
Pete Petterson Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson
BlueBill/Lesser Scaup pair by Pete Peterson. 2014. Folky and aged pair here. Patina is outstanding with painted eyes,nail through head, rusty nails through neck, ballast weight and ring. Unique style, stamped, signed and dated under bottom of drake. $700. Pete Peterson
Eldridge Tyle Eldridge Tyle
Eldridge Tyle
3 folkey birds by James Eldridge Tyler, Crisfield, MD. Pintail and Bluebill measure approx 9 inches in length. Black Duck measures approx 13 inches in length. Known as a very kind and generous man, Mr. Tyler passed away in a home fire approx 1995. J E Tyler signed on bottoms of Pintail and Bluebill. These carvings are available for $60 each or all 3 for $150. Eldridge Tyle
Cameron McIntyre Cameron McIntyre
Cameron McIntyre
Yellow Legs by Cameron McIntyre, New Church, VA. Nice patina and paint on this 12 inch long, Bill to tail, shorebird with carved eyes and splined bill thru head. CTM carved under bottom. Stand and shipping included. Sold. Cameron McIntyre
Frank Finney Frank Finney
Frank Finney
Nathen Cobb Black Duck, Cobb Island VA. by Frank Finney. This two piece hollow decoy portrays the realism of its 100 + year old namesake. Two piece hollow body, pegged. This decoy was exhibited in the Chincoteague Decoy Museum for many years. Own this museum quality decoy. $600 Frank Finney
LLoyd Tyler LLoyd Tyler
LLoyd Tyler
Widgeon Drake by Lloyd Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield, MD. This excellent decoy is circa. 1930's and once belonged to Joe French. Great form and original paint on this 90 year old gunner $1150. LLoyd Tyler
Miles Hancock Miles Hancock
Miles hancock
Pintail by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. This Pintail is carved from Cottonwood and displays a Hudson like "Banjo" sprig. A more rare style for Mr. Hancock. Hardware has been removed and a thin coat of varnish was applied. $800. Miles Hancock
Mark Daisey Mark Daisey
Mark Daisey
Black Duck by Mark Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. This gunning bird is in the style of Ira Hudson and has rusty tack eyes, ice groove behind neck, scratch painted feathers and a fluted tail. Nice looking bird for shelf or blind. $350. Mark Daisey
Mark Mcnair Mark Mcnair
Mark Mcnair
Plover by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. This is a hollow Plover. Egg shell thin body. Mark has reinforced post hole with a diamond shaped bone for strength. Split raised primary wings and splined bill through head. Very detailed and unique shorebird creation.Sold. Mark Mcnair
Marty Linton Marty Linton
Marty Linton
Doug Jester Black Duck by Marty Linton, Pocomoke, MD. What a fine counterfeit by Marty! The details and patina on this decoy would fool many. ML carved under tail. Get an awesome replica here for only  $275. Marty Linton
Pete Peterson Pete Peterson
Pete peterson
Ruddy Duck by Pete Peterson,  Cape Charles, VA. Great style, measures about 10 inches breast-tail. Gunning decoy,signature barely legible and branded. $300 Pete Peterson
Lloyd sterling LLoyd Sterling
Lloyd Sterling
Greater YellowLegs by Lloyd A. Sterling (1880-1964) Crisfield, MD. This YellowLegs is approx 15 inches long, bill-tail. Believe this bird to have been made in the 1950's. Tack eyes and metal legs on a medallion corner block base. Classic Crisfield School for only $800. Lloyd Sterling
Lloyd tyler Lloyd tyler
Lloyd tyler
Yellowleg by Lloyd Tyler, 1950's, Crisfield, MD. Some have attributed the carving to a cab driver from Pocomoke, while Lloyd painted them. Similar shorebird is found on page 69 of Henry Stansbury's book Lloyd Tyler. $425. Lloyd tyler
Cobb brant Cobb brant
Cobb brant
Cobb Island, VA Brant. Outstanding century plus old body with a probable early head replacement. Carved eyes, splined Bill thru head. "H" appears to be carved under bottom. Out of a fine Virginia collection. $2,800. Cobb brant
Ryan Dockowitz Ryan Dockowitz
Ryan Dockowitz
Curlew by Ryan Dockiewicz, Cape Charles, VA. Nice appealing VA style with painted eyes and inletted Bill.  Shot marks and  pellets on bird. "D" carved under belly.  $375. Ryan Dockowitz
Mallards Mallards
Chincoteague Mallards that resemble Hudson family and Miles Hancock paint patterns. Carved from Cypress and never rigged. Old thick paint. Probably from the 1940's or 50's. Mallard decoys were rarely made on Chincoteague.  $1100.

Brian Piccarillo Brian Piccarrello
Brian Pi
Ruddy Duck by Brian Picarillo, Miami, FL. A uniquely styled hollow decoy with aged and worn patina. Head is inletted into body in a preening pose. BP carved under tail. $350 Brian P
Reg Birch Reg Birch
Reg Birch
Canvasback by Reg Birch. Chesapeake Bay Wing Duck with a great appearance. Nicely aged and would fool most. R Birch carved in underside. $325. Reg Birch
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Curlew by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Carved "Root Head" in the traditional VA style. Made for VA Eastern Shire Ducks Unlimited. Hole in tail for carrying multiple shorebirds.  Shot marks part of the patina on this McNair creation. McNair incised under bottom. Stand included. $750. Mark McNair
Don Briddell Don Briddell
Don Briddell
Don Briddell, Black Duck, MT Airey, MD formally Crisfield,  MD. Large gunning decoy in the Crisfield style. Measures about 19 inches, bill-tail. Body carved from Balsa. Nice paint. $650. Don Briddell
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Peep, Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Feeding pose with carved, slightly raised primaries. Mark's stand included. Sale Pending. Mark McNair
Lloyd Tyler Lloyd Tyler
Lloyd Tyler
Pintail by Lloyd Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield, MD. Circa 1940. Long, 21 inches, Bill to tail. Nice Tyler form with gunning wear. Crack in neck but firm. A great Lloyd Tyler to own. $1,300. Lloyd Tyler
Unknown Mallard Unknown Mallard
Unknown Mallard
1/3 sized Mallard by Tom Haman, Middletown,DE circa 1990. Thanks to Matt Burton for info. Tom sold decoys out of a crab shedding opperation near Lewis, DE. Tom was known for his gunning decoys versus these rare decoratives. $175. Unknown Mallard
Decoys deluxe Decoys deluxe
Decoys deluxe

Decoys Deluxe, Morrison, IL. ca. 1939-1940's. These factory decoys were produced from live birds preserved through taxidermy. Decoys Deluxe were produced only in the Mallard species. $300

Information obtained from North American Factory Decoys 2003, Kenneth L. Trayer. Reyart Publishing


Decoys deluxe


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