Raine's Tavern Duck Decoys
Sold Decoys
Dan Brown
Highly artistic Wood Duck pair by Dan Brown (12/13/30 - 9/17/2010) Salisbury, MD. This outstanding and one of a kind art piece measures approx 12 inches long, each Wood Duck is approx 4 inches long. The Walnut base is filled with an apoxy simulating a pond with highly detailed woodies resting on logs. Dan opened his decoy business "The Decoy Bench in the late 19 60's in Salisbury, MD and Ocean City, MD. Sold.
Ronald Justis
Blue Winged Teal pr by Ronald Justis,  Chincoteague,  VA. Gorgeous hollow pair with a 2017 penny inside each. Rigged for gunning, if you desire. Drake in a feeding pose. Carved from Cedar wood and painted with oils. Signed and RJ carved under tails. Sold.
Marty hanson
Gadwall drake by Marty Hanson, Hayward, Wisconsin. Only 2 single drakes ever made. Hollow with keel and early Martin  Hanson stamp on bottom. Great style and form by one of the World's top makers. Sold
Pete petterson
Black Duck by Pete Peterson,  Cape Charles,  VA. Racy and sleek, pine two pieced body with knot missing near tail. Head is in a snuggle pose "PETE"  stamped on bottom. Sold.
Cigar Daisey
Dowitcher by Delbert "Cigar"Daisey, Chincoteague, VA circa 1980's. Made for John Maddox and the Chincoteague Decoy Museum. Shorebird is stamped and signed and displays on a clamshell base. Sold.
Red Breast Merganser pr by R. Taggart, Elkton, MD. Signed and dated 1970. Nice Balsa Wood minis, measuring about 9 inches, Bill to tail. Mr Taggart was friends with Lem and Steve Ward and spent alot of time visiting Crisfield. You can defiantly see the Crisfield influence.. Sold.
Sean Sutton
Shoveler pair by Sean Sutton,  Paulsboro, NJ. Very fine miniature pr just shy of 8 inches long, bill to tail. Nice gunning replicas in outstanding paint. Nicely carved tail feathers and overlapping primaries. Sold.
Cameron McIntyre
Pintail by Cameron McIntyre,  Pitts Creek,  VA. An outstanding sculpted  drake that measures about 18 inches, bill-tail. Hollow and light with a mellow yet vibrant patina. Sold.
Ward Brothers
Black Duck by the Ward Bros. Crisfield,MD circa 1950. Wide body and great form. Provenance, stamped, Bobby Richardson Collection, Cambridge, MD and handwritten, Dr Mort Kramer, 2002 collection, Baltimore, MD. Appears to have some work on head and bill. Sold.
Pete petterson
Gunning Ruddy Duck, Pete Peterson, Capeville,  VA. Great form and patina on this 12 inch long decoy. "PETE" stamped under bottom. Glass eyes. Sold.
Ronald Justis
Kinglet or Crest by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. This small bird is standing on a fennel and is approximately 4 inches tall. Signed by Ronald. Sold.
Sperry Decoys
Bluebill pair,Sperry Decoy Company, New Haven, CT. Circa 1925. Note the Mason paint style on the drake. Sperry produced decoys from 1920 - 1929.This pair Sold.
Grayson Chesser
Widgeon pair by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. Retired gunners with a small amount of wear. Nice fat sleeper hen included. The real deal here folks. Sold.
Paul Gibson
Canvasback pair from Havre de Grace, MD. Carved by Paul Gibson.  Nice pair of "Kings of the Chesapeake" gunning birds.  Sold.
Cameron mcIntyre
Curlew by Cameron T. McIntyre  (B. 1968) Pitts Creek, VA. Outstanding content pose with slightly raised primaries.  CTM incised under bottom. Comes with Cameron's original stand. Original paint with aged patina.Sold.
Pete Peterson
Ruddy Duck by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles, VA. This gunning Ruddy is approx 12 inches long bill to tail. Small scrape on bill. PETE is stamped in bottom. Nice decoy Sold.
Mallard drake by Ralph Reed,  Chincoteague, VA. Circa 1970. A great little 6 inch long carving with raised primaries and scratched painted wings. Mr Reed, now deceased made these for the tourist on Chincoteague.  His stamp is under bottom. 121 Ocean Blvd.  Sold.

Pintail pair by the late General deGarve. This pair measures about 3.5 inches tall and about 5 inches wide. An outstanding exhibit with no apologies. Sold.
Wildfowler Canvasback head gun rack. Walnut base wall mount ready to hang. Sold.
Ronald Justis
Bufflehead pair by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague,VA 2016. Excellent and gorgeous pair of "dippers" by one of the World's best decoy makers. Carved foot on hen and drake. Bill carving is realistic and outstanding oil paint. Sold.
Mark McNair
Teal by Mark McNair, Craddockville,  VA. 11 inch long decoy rigged for gunning. Great aged patina with tack eyes. McNair incised under body. Sold.
Grayson Chesser
Blue Winged Teal pair by Grayson  Chesser, Sanford, VA. 2003. Outstanding swimming drake and content hen. This is a rare species by Grayson. A great pair of Teal for Sold.
Regie Burch
Hooded Merganser by Reg Birch. Circa 1990's. Great distressed patina. Dry, split on back. Numerous splits and wear  incorporated into this Hairy Head. Rusty nails and hardware. R Birch carved in bottom. Very cool . Sold.
Mark Daisey
BlackDuck by Mark Daisey, Chincoteague,  VA. Nice gunning pattern, hollowed two piece with keel. Thick carved primary feathers. MARK stamped on bottom. Sold.
Doug Jester
BlackDuck, S.Douglas Jester (1876-1961) Chincoteague, VA. Circa: 1940's. Carved from Cottonwood with a hand chopped head nailed to body. Excellent condition with very nice scratch paint. Old collection numbers under bottom. From a fine Eastern Shore collection. Sold.
Cigar Daisey
Eskimo Curlew or Long Billed Curlew by Delbert Cigar Daisey, Chincoteague,  VA circa 1971. The Long Billed is the largest in Curlew family. Measures about 15 inches long, bill to tail. Signed, dated and stamped by Cigar. A great 45 year old shorebird by Mr. Daisey . Sold.
George Strunk Gorgeous Bufflehead pair by George Strunk, Glendora, NJ. Hollow, carved from Cedar wood with George's outstanding paint techniques. Measures 12 inches, bill to tail. Signed and rigged for use. Sold.
North Hampton County, VA BlackDuck by Charles Seidel, VA Beach, VA (September 17, 1939 - November 30, 2016) Charles was the resident carver for the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center for 30 years. Sold.
Cigar daisey Yellowlegs by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague,  VA. Circa 1990. Outstanding and classic shorebird by Mr. Daisey. This Yellowlegs is in the "minnow in throat" form. Measures approx. 12 inches, bill to tail. Signed and branded. Sold.
Grayson Chesser
Pintail drake by Grayson Chesser,  Sanford,  VA. Nice alert pose decoy retired to the shelf. Two piece hollowed body with keel and ballast weight. Comb paint on most of feathers. "C" carved 7nder bottom. Beautiful Pintail. Sold
Lloyd Tyler
Mallard pair by J. Lloyd Tyler, Crisfield,  MD. Circa 1960. A very rare miniature, just under 4 inches, pair by the late Mr Tyler. Extremely light and delicate. I have only seen a few of these over the years and never a pair. Sold
Grayson Chesser
American Widgeon/Baldpate pair by Grayson Chesser, Sanford VA. Gunning decoys with hen in a swimming pose. These have been retired to the shelf but ready for action if needed. C carved under bottom. Sold.
Pete Peterson
Canvasback by Pete Peterson,  Cape Charles, VA. 2010. This stylish gunning decoy is very functional with its chip or rough carved features.  This serves as a realistic feather effect. Signed and dated. Sold.
Grayson Chesser
Pintail pair by Grayson Chesser,  Sanford,  VA. Gunning pr. with great form and paint. Nice hollow two piece bodies. A must for any Virginia collector or Pintail fan. "C" carved under bottom.
Oliver lawson
Mallard pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. 1971. Outstanding pair carved from Cedar and painted in oils. This pair of miniatures measure 9 inches bill to tail. Nice raised primaries and glass eyes.Sold.
Miles Hancock
Bufflehead by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague,VA. Made in 1952. All original with slight wear marks in paint. Nice and wide body, great dipper by Mr Miles. Sold.
Pete Peterson
Nice high head Green Winged Teal pair by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles, VA. 1978. This pair was formally in the Hillman collection ,staple, and branded PETE, signed and dated. Sold.
Pintail, Sterling family, Crisfield, MD circa 1940. Great Crisfield School form on this 21 inch long Pintail gunning decoy. Original paint with worn to wood on most of decoy.Carved from pine with age cracks, but bird is solid. Filler missing on top of head where nail attaches head to body. Sold.
Grayson Chesser
Rare BlackDuck pair by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. Rare because they are approximately 6 inches long. Miniatures. Look identical to his gunning birds. C carved under bottom. A nice addition to any Chesser collection. Sold
Doug Jester
Bluebill by S. Doug Jester (1876-1961) Chincoteague, VA. This 5 inch long antique is in great condition, small paint chip on breast. Very collectible and hard to find. Sold.
Mark Daisey
Yellow leg shorebird by Mark Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. 2004. Signed, dated and branded on base bottom. This "minnow in the throat " pose looks identical to his mentor and uncle, Delbert "Cigar" Daisey's Yellow leg shorebird.  Nice driftwood on base stand. Sold.
Mark Mcnair
Black Duck by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Circa 2000. This snakey neck BlackDuck is approximately 21 inches long and solid body with knots filled. There is a fine stress crack in neck. Excellent form and patina. McNair incised under bottom. Sold
Miles Hancock
Black Duck  by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague,  Va. Decorative 10 inch long decoy made about mid 1960's. "Miles Hancock and 1965" written under bottom in pencil. Tack eyes and nice relief carved wings. Dust on bird. Sold
Cigar Daisey
Ruddy Duck hen by Delbert "Cigar" Daisy, Chincoteague, Va.Signed and stamped. Cute hen with carved primaries and tail feathers. A very nice Cigar Ruddy Sold.
Pete Peterson
Bluebill/Scaupe pr by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles,  VA. 1990. Two piece slightly hollowed bodies with a North Hampton County VA raised/shelf neck and head. Very nice. Made for the T. O'Connor collection. Sold.
Pete peterson
Ruddy Duck by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles, VA. 1982. A very fine gunning decoy. Sold.
Doug Jester
Pintail hen by Douglas Jester, (1876-1961) Chincoteague,VA circa. 1930. This mini is approximately 5 inches long with scratch paint on back. A nice little decoy by a legend. Sold.
Mark MCnair
Ruddy Duck by Mark McNair, Craddockville,VA. Wide breast and stylish  Ruddy drake carved and finished with an old and used effect. Great "antique" gunning appearance. Sold
Mark Mcnair
Peep by Mark NcNair, Craddockville, VA. Great little North Hampton County, VA shorebird with a fantastic hundred year old looking patina and shot marks. Similar to Eli Doughty 's Peep decoys from the early 1900's. MSM incised under bottom. Sold.
Mark McNair
Outstanding Golden Plover by Mark McNair. This creation by Mark is hollow and egg shell thin. A great, soft and dark patina resembles an old classic masterpiece. Mark has reinforced the post hole with either hard wood or bone insert. McNair incised under bottom. Sold.
Grayson Chesser
BlackDuck by Grayson Chesser, Sanford,VA. Outstanding preening decoy with carved and raised primary wings. Glass eyes and rigged to gun over. Sold.
Mark Daisey
Black Duck by Mark Daisey, Chincoteague,  VA. Nice worn patina on this two-piece, hollow Cobb Island style gunner. Shot marks accentuate the appearance.  Mark branded on bottom. Compare this to an actual Cobb for a fraction of the cost. Sold .
Grayson Chesser
Widgeon pr. by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. This is the real deal here. Gunning pair that's never seen the shelf. Carved "C" under bottom. Drake has fine crack in bill but solid. From a gunning rig out of Virginia. Sold.
Oliver Lawson Bluebill pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. 1983. Solid bodies carved from Cedar and painted with oils. Mint condition. Mr. Lawson started visiting and learning from the Ward Brothers in the 1950's. Sold.
Cameron McIntyre Black Duck by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA. Outstanding hollow carved Mason "Premier" model decoy. Great form and neck with mellow blended oil paint. CTM carved under bottom. Sold.
Danny Marshall Mallard drake by Danny Marshall originally from Sanford, VA. 1989. This solid cedar body decoy resembles his mentors, Lem and Steve Ward of Crisfield, MD. Outstanding condition for this 27 year old decoy. Sold.
Mark McNair
Gunning Ruddy Duck by Ian McNair, Charlottesville, VA. Nice solid, fat Ruddy with a real patina. I McNair carved under bottom .This gunner has been gunned over. Out of a fine rig from Virginia. 7.5 inches tall. Sold.
Pete Petterson
Green Winged Teal pr by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles, VA. Very nice gunning decoys formerly from the collection of Sommers G. Hedley and so branded. Older model by PETE and branded. Sold.
Grayson Chesser
Gadwall drake by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. Gunning decoy out of Grayson's rig and another fine VA. rig. "C" carved under bottom. Rare species for only Sold.
Mark McNair Curlew shorebird by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA circa 2002. "Roothead" carved Curlew in the VA style. Made for VA Eastern Shore Ducks Unlimited dinner event. Hole in tail for tying multiple decoys for easy carrying to and from hunt. Nice antique patina including shot marks on body. McNair incised under bottom and comes with Mark's stand.  Sold.
Idder New Jersey shore Ruddy Turnstone by Ed Itter. Great carving and paint by Ed. Lots of feather detail and raised primaries. This Shorebird has glass eyes, wire legs and stands on a Jersey Cypress knee base. Signed on bottom, this Ruddy Turnstone.Sold.
Ronald Justis Wren and Chickadee carvings by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 2016. These one of a kind carvings by Ronald are life sized standing on a finial base. Approximately 4 inches tall. Glass eyes and RJ carved under tail. Sold.
Cigar Daisey
Brant by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. 1971. An excellent swimming pose gunning decoy. Cork body with a bottom board. Keel has been removed. Signed stamped and dated. Sold.
Mark Mcnair
Godwit shorebird by Mark McNair. Beautiful sculpture measures approximately 13.5 inches long.  Carved eyes and raised wings with outstanding painted plumage. The patina is soft and mellow. "McNair" incised under bottom. McNair stand included. Sold.
Pete Peterson
Excellent 30 year old Bufflehead pair by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles, VA. Signed dated and rigged. Sold
Pete Peterson
Sanderling by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles,VA. 2000. This little shorebird stands about 6 inches tall and is about 6 inches long, Bill to tail. Sold.
Ronals Justis
Dowitcher shorebird by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. Outstanding oil painting. Bird rest on a piece of coral and stands about 8 inches tall. Signed and stamped under tail. Sold.
Canvasback Drake by Grayson Chesser, Sanford,  VA. 2016. Mint  Canvasback with a highly detailed head and bill. Nice comb painting on a full hollowed body. Signed and dated, carved C under bottom. Sold.
Widgeon drake by Cameron McIntyre, New Church, VA. Outstanding and excellent decoy by one of the world's finest and most popular artist. A hollow carved decoy with a slightly turned head. Has a fine "snakey" neck and head style. Comb painting on back and a soft patina. Sold
Sanderling shorebird by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 2016. A 6 inch long carving, Bill to tail. Feeding pose standing on an Assateague Channeled Whelk shell base. Painted in oils and signed on bottom. Cute realistic shorebird. Sold.
Mallard pair by Grayson Chesser, Assawoman, VA circa 1978. Very nice early pair. Hollow with shot marks and C carved under bottom and signed. Weight removed for shelf. A mellow near 40 year patina. Sold.
Miniature Canada Goose by Curtis Waterfield, Knotts Island, NC circa 1970. This folk art carving stands approx 5 inches tall and has wire legs with painted feet on base. Great patina on this art piece. Sold.
BlackDuck by Brian Piccirillo, Miami, Fla. 2016. Nice contemporary folk decoy in a back preen or sleeping pose. Inspired by a decoy by Robert Morse, Churches Island, NC. Neck is inserted at base. BP carved under tail. Sold.
Pintail by Pete "Hurricane" Peterson  of Cape Charles,  VA. 1991. This is a very fine and large gunner. 20 inches long with excellent paint on a hollow carved decoy.  A nice one for any VA and or Pintail collection for only Sold.
Grason Chesser Green Winged Teal pr by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA.  Gunning birds in a swimming posture. Ice grooves behind neck. C carved under bottom. Sold.
Ronald Justis Hen Red Breast Merganser, Ronald Justis.  Chincoteague, VA. 2015. Approx 15 inches long with outstanding carving and painting. Note the veins in neck and .details of the head crest. Made as a tribute to his mentor and friend "Cigar" Daisey. Drake available per request. Sold.
William Gibian Curlew in feeding pose by William Gibian, Onancock, VA. Outstanding carved shorebird with raised and seperated primary feathers. Measures about 14 inches long. Gibian incised under bottom. Sold.
Will Birch Cardinal by Will Birch, Chincoteague, VA. Circa 1970. Folk carving measures about 8 inches long, bill to tail. Raised wings with artistic feathering. Bird stands on wire legs and a wooden base approx. 5 inches tall. Signed on base.
Grayson Chesser
Pintail drake by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA.  True gunner that has seen action. Retired to the shelf a few years ago. C carved under bottom. Sold.
Ed Itter
Loon and baby by Ed Itter of Bobkin Point in New Jersey, January 1990.This solid body carving measures 15 inches and has burnt incised feathers , raised wings with inserted primary wing tips. Signed and dated this Loon pair Sold.
Ian McNair Ruddy Duck by Ian McNair, Charlottesville, VA. Great form and style on this full bodied Ruddy. Rich patina and measures 6 inches wide across back. I McNair incised on bottom. Sold.
Ronald Justis Ruddy Duck pair by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. Outstanding details on this beautiful Ruddy pr. The drake is in Summer/breeding plumage with the right leg and foot carved on side. Sold.
Mark McNair Virgina Peep by Mark McNair. A fantastic Virginia shorebird that shows shot scars from the "turn of the century" hunts. This new Peep has a well aged patina that Mr. McNair is renowned for. Inserted bill through head and large M under tail. Sold.
Grayson Chesser
Outstanding preening Pintail pair by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. Circa. 2013. Raised primaries with great painting. C carved under bottom. Sold.
Mark McNair
Mourning  Dove by Mark McNair, Craddockville,  VA.  Very sleek carving with raised primaries. Bill was spline thru head. A few age rubs on side of wings. McNair incised under bottom. Sold.
Ronald Justis
Ruddy Ducks by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 2015. Beautiful life-size Ruddies by Chincoteague's best maker. Hen is in a preening pose while drake has a 45 degree turned head. Realistic pair, carved from cedar wood and painted with oils. Lots of detail and signed and dated. RJ carved under tail. Sold.
George Strunk Robin Snipe/Red Knott by George Strunk, Glendora, N.J. This shorebird was carved and painted by George in 2012. Very soft and fine feather pattern by George highlighting the raised wings. George used glass eyes on this bird and has signed his name and added his stamp on the underside. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Outstanding Bufflehead pair by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey of Chincoteague, VA. This pair is stamped, signed and dated 1981. Excellent carved primaries that are crossed and carved tail feathers. This period (1970-1990) was Mr. Daisey's finest decoy making years. A bit of sap bleed through is slightly noticeable on hens breast.Sold.
Reggie Burch
Old Squaw by Reg Birch, formally of Chincoteague, VA. Patina is soft and worn with an old gunning bird appeal. Measures 16 inches, bill to tail. R Birch under bottom.Sold.
Oliver lawson
Canvasback pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, Md circa 2010. Nice cedarwood  solid bodies painted with oils. "Kings of the Chesapeake" affectionately referred as. Sold.
Mark McNair
Virgina Peep by Mark McNair. A fantastic Virginia shorebird that shows shot scars from the "turn of the century" hunts. This new Peep has a well aged patina that Mr. McNair is renowned for. Inserted bill through head and large M under tail. Sold.
Marc Mcnair Black Bellied Plover by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Very classic style Plover with glass eyes, Oak bill splined thru head. Carved raised wings with split primary feathers  at tail. McNair incised under bottom. Sold.
Marc McNair
Golden Plover by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Nice slightly raised Black Bellied Plover measuring 8.5 inches bill to tail and stands about 8.5 inches tall. Mark's walnut stand included. Primitive painting with a neat aged patina Sold.
Oliver Lawson
Shoveler pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, Md. 1955.  A rare and early miniature pr by the Crisfield master. ( see Decoy Magazine issue Nov / Dec 2010 for more info. regarding the Duck House) Sold
Ian McNair Long Billed Curlew by Ian McNair, Craddockville, VA. Stylishly carved Curlew with rich and mellow painted feather pattern. Carved eyes with finished highlights. I McNair incised under bottom. Hardwood bill splined thru head. About 16 inches long, bill to tail. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Golden Plover, Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA.  A classic shorebird by the 87 year old classic maker. Cigar is one of,if not,the best decoy maker and entertainer alive. Great stories can always be heard when visiting with the Chincoteague legend.  Sold.
Mark Mcnair
Curlew by Mark McNair, Craddockvlle, VA. This Curlew measures about 16 inches long, bill to tail. Great form with a fantastic finish and shot shell pellet marks for effect. This bird rest on Mark's Walnut stand. Mark has signed and dated the stand 2015. Sold.
Cigar Daisey
Ruddy Duck by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague,VA circa 1990. This Ruddy is "best grade" by Cigar. A lot of wing and feather carving details. Glass eyes and feather details on face. This bird was never rigged but stamped and signed. Sold.
Sterling Sterling family,Crisfield,MD Pintail circa 1940. Great Crisfield School form on this 21 inch long Pintail gunning decoy. Original paint with worn to wood on most of decoy. Small cracks in wood but bird is solid. Filler missing on top of head where nail attaches head to body. Sold
Oliver Lawson
Pintail pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. Outstanding paint on these extremely light yet full size decoys. Both have keels and are signed. Green paint on bottom was a trademark of the Ward Bros that they shared with Mr Lawson. This was to help camouflage an upside down stool from approaching birds. Sold
Cigar Curlew by "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, Va. Circa 1960's. Curlews are large shorebirds, this decoy measures approx 16 inches long, bill to tail. A great near 50 year dry flat patina. CIGAR stamped and signiature under belly. Sold.
Mark Mcnair Blue Winged Teal by Mark McNair, Craddockville, Va. A very sleek Teal with tack eyes and nicely painted. McNair is incised under bottom. This Teal has a nice dark painted patina. This decoy was made for Ducks Unlimited. Sold
Bill Gibian Greater Yellowlegs, Bill Gibian, Onancock, Va. Slightly turned head with bill incised thru head. Measures 13.5 inches, bill-tail. Relief wing carving and separated primaries. Very nice and original. Sold.
Ward Brothers Pair of 1/4 size Pintails by Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield, Md. circa 1960s. These decoys measure approx 9 inches in length.  Excellent paint as only the Wards could do. Nice raised primary feathers and slightly turned heads. Sold.
Paul Gibson Blackhead pair by Paul Gibson (1902-1985) Havre de Grace, MD. A rigmate pr, made approx 1940's. Original paint and wear. Minor age cracks in body and white pine heads. Mr Gibson was a career fire fighter and decoy maker. Sold.
Ronald Justis Sanderling by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. What an artistic expression as this little shorebird stands on a piece of coral with raised wing and preening. This creation is approx 8 inches tall. Signed and dated under tail. Sold.
MarK McNair Peep by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. A Cobb Island shorebird with excellent patina including pellet shot marks. This 6.5 inch tall McNair rest on Mark's Walnut stand. MSN incised under bird (Peep to small for McNair). Sold
Miles hancock Bufflehead hen, Miles Hancock, Chincoteague, Va 1969. Rare 5 inch long carving. Two piece body with 6 nails. Hens in this species are extremely limited. Tack eyes and slightly turned head. Signed and dated. Very nice.  Sold.
Pintail pair by Wildfowler Decoy, Quoque, NY. (1958-1961.) This matched pair of Pintails are made of Balsa wood and stamped Wildfowler Decoys,Quoque, NY. Wildfowler moved from Old Saybrook, CT. after the 1957 fire. This pair has minimal dings and wear.Sold.
Madison Mitchell
Canvasback pair by R. Madison Mitchell (1901-1993) Havre De Grace, MD. "Kings of the Chesapeake", as the Canvasback has been referred. Mr Mitchell was the most prolific maker of decoys up and down the bay.Sold.
Ronald Justis Wall mount half Black Duck by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA 2014. This unique Hudson style Black Duck is literly flying off the wall. It measures 6 inches off wall to bill tip and is just under 6 inches wide. Ready to hang, bracket attached. Sold.
Grayson Chesser reen winged Teal pair by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge, VA. circa 1990's. This gunning rig pair of Teal is in excellent condition with only a few paint, rub marks (hen's lower bill). "C" carved in underside of both. Sold.
Waterfield Family
Sand Piper by Curtis Waterfield, Va Beach, Va. 1982. Very fine and delicate looking shirebird in a snuggle or content pose. Nice soft paint tones highlight this little (5 inch long by 5 1/2 inch tall) Sandpiper. Sold.
Doug Jester Pintail flyer by Doug Jester, Jr. Chincoteague,VA. circa 1960. Half size, 14 inches long by 15 inches wing tip to wing tip. Nice aged patina by one of Doug Jester's eldest sons. Attaches to a wooden base for display or was mounted on wall on left side. Pencil under wings reads by Doug Jester and male Pintail. Sold.
Cameron McIntyre Golden Plover by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, Va. Hollow carved and CTM incised underneath.  This Plover was created in 2002 and rest on Cameron's stand.  Outstanding oil paint and patina. Sold.
Ruddy Duck by Mark McNair, Craddockville, Va. One of the most popular decoys Mark creates. This 10 inch long sleek "dollar duck" has Mark's unique finish and patina applied. This decoy is weighted and McNair is incised under bottom. Sold.
Bill Kennedy
Stylish raven by William Kennedy, formally from Havre De Grace, MD. In an elegant calling pose, this raven stands on a nicely finished wooden piller. A patina that resembles old paint shrinkage adds beauty to this "old crow". Sold.
Miles Hancock Miniature Mallard by the Chincoteague,Va. legend, Miles Hancock. Circa 1967. This 6.5 inch long, and 3.5 inch tall Mallard is a fine early carving by Mr. Miles. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Dowitcher by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey (1928- ) Chincoteague, VA. This shorebird measures 9 inches, bill to tail and stands 10.5 inches on it's clam shell base. This bird was made for and displayed in the Chincoteague Decoy Museum for many years. Own a piece of Chincoteague decoy history. Sold.
Eddie Wozney Elegant Dove by Eddie Wozney, Cambridge, MD. A sleek and soft Dove measuring 12 inches in length. This beautiful carving rest on a branch that hangs on your wall. Sold
Ronald Justice
Pintail drake by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague,  Va. 2014. Cedar carved solid body lifesize Sprigtail. Great form with a pinched breast. Ronald's finish is spot on and scratch paint technique is an outstanding addition. Signed and dated. Sold
Mark McNair Blue Winged Teal by Mark McNair, Craddockville, Va. Nice carved and painted drake by one of the worlds finest makers. This solid body Teal is weighted and has tack eyes. McNair is incised under bottom. A stylish carving that has been aged. Sold.
Ward Bros Canvasback Drake by the Ward Bros.,Crisfield, MD. Circa 1951. Signed by Steve Ward. This balsa wood carved nine inch long miniature is in excellent condition and exhibits the classic Ward "Gunning bird"style. This sixty year antique decoy is a great investment by the Crisfield Md. Sold.
Unknown Canada Goose- miniature. North Hampton County, VA Circa 1950's. Excellent old paint with patina and heart-shaped wing carving on back. Small cracks in neck, tack eyes and a carved bill. Six inches long bill to tail. Nice folky miniature carving. Sold.
Danny marshall
Canvasback pair by Danny Marshall, Chincoteague, VA. 1985. This approx. 8 inch long pair has a stipple texture paint pattern on Drake's back and both have glass eyes. Mr. Marshall is a retired Game Warden and hunting guide who studied under Lem and Steve Ward. Sold.
Grayson Chesser Red Knot by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge, Va 1977. A unique 11 inch long shorebird by Grayson with a unique paint finish. I have not seen this paint style before by Grayson. A nice driftwood base supports this Red Knot.  Sold.
Corb Reed
Flying Widgeon by James "Corb" Reed, (1897-1987) Chincoteague, Va. circa 1940s. This is a full size Widgeon and very possibly the same bird in "Chincoteague Carvers and their Decoys" by Barry and Velma Berkey on page 79. A great antique folk art decoy Sold.
Ronald Justis

Green winged Teal by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. Wow! Ronald has again created a unique and original piece of art. This life size Teal drake stands on one leg with another foot tucked. The sand base compliments this carving and all the scratch paint and details. Signed one of a kind. Sold.

Eldred Tyler Folky Shorebird by J. Eldred Tyler (1900-1996) Crisfield, MD circa 1980. What a unique folk art maker and folk creation. Mr. Tyler was a very kind and eccentric man as I have been told by those that knew him. This Shorebird is standing on wire legs and a piece of driftwood. Sold.
Ronald Justis Raised wing Yellow legs by Chincoteague Islands own Ronald Justis. Ronald only makes a few raised wing birds a year and here is a great one. This Yellow legs stands 11 inches tall base to wing tip and is carved from cedar wood. Sold.
Grayson Chesser Wood duck pair by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge Va. This gunning pr have been carved in a swimming pose. Very fine and original. Rigged for the flooded timber or resting on your shelf. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Hooded Merganser pair by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. Circa: 1970. A neat matched pair of Hoddies by "Cigar" made in the style of Doug Jester. Signed, branded and weighted. Sold.
Daisey Mallard hen by Herb Daisey Sr. and Emma Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. Circa 1960. Herb and Emma are the parents of Delbert 'Cigar' Daisey. This solid body Mallard is a great piece for "Cigar" collectors. Signature on bottom is barely legible but reads: Herb Daisey Sr. painted by Emma Daisy. Sold
Miles hancock
Blackduck  by Miles Hancock,  Chincoteague, Va. Circa 1960. Original paint with moderate wear. Tack eyes and an old thin coat of varnish. Weight has been removed. Nice scratch painted feathers.  Carved from Cotton wood. Sold .
Ronald justis

Bluebill drake by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, Va. 2014. Outstanding solid body carved from white cedar. Raised wings and carved primaries are finely painted with oils. A comb painting technique is used on the back for added appeal. Sold.

Oliver lawson
Canvasback pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, Md. A mint and original pair of 1936 model Ward Bros. Cans. by Mr. Lawson. A classic style and one of the most recognized and popular styles collected. Sold.
J.E.Tyler Shore Bird decoy by J. Eldred Tyler(1898-1996) Crisfield, MD Circa 1970. This whimsical folky carving stands approx. 11 inches tall and measures 13 inches bill to tail. J E Tyler signed under belly and on base. First shore bird with carved inserted wings I have seen by the late Mr.Tyler. Sold
Ronald Justis
Ruddy Duck pair by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague,VA 2014. Outstanding pair of Ruddies by Chincoteague's own. Raised wings, classic oil painting, realistic form and patina. One of the finest Ruddy pairs available. Ronald is 100% a decoy/waterfowl maker. Sold.
Corb Reed Black duck by J. "Corb" Reed, Chincoteague, Va. circa 1974. A wonderful decorative decoy by Mr. Reed. This approx. 10 inch long decoy has slightly raised wings and he rests in a "content" or snuggle pose. Excellent paint and like new condition. Signed and stamped on the bottom. Sold.
Mark McNair "Peep" by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. 2012. A New England styled Shorebird with well worn patina including "shot" marks. The bill is inserted through the head. McNair incised under tail and Mark's Walnut stand included. "Peep" is approx 6.5 inches long. Sold.
Brian Piccirrilo Plover by Brian Piccirillo, Miami Beach, Fla. Nice new carving by Brian exhibits a well worn appearance including a 6 piece crafted stand. Brian has splined an oak bill thru the head as well as raised the primary wings slightly. Two position holes are drilled in bottom for your display desires. Sold.
Miles Hancock Brant by Miles Hancock, Chincoteague, VA. circa 1950's. Carved from Cottonwood, this 18 inch long decoy retains tack eyes and copper nail holding tether plus ballast weight is attached. Moderate wear to original paint. Sold.
Mark McNair Blue Winged Teal by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. A rare carving and species by Mark. This Teal features a very classic style and patina that resembles a century old decoy. Mark has carved the mandibles and added tack eyes as well as rigged for the hunt and incised McNair. Sold.
Bill Gibbian
Yellow Legs by William Gibian, Onancock, VA. This majestic shorebird measures about 14 inches bill to tail and exhibits fine feather carvings. Inserted bill splined through head and glass eyes. This fine Gibian carving is very photogenic. Sold.
Brian Prccirillo Plover by Brian Piccirillo, Miami Beach, Fla. Nice new carving by Brian exhibits a well worn appearance including a 6 piece crafted stand. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Dowitcher by "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, Va. Circa 1990. This 9 inch long shorebird is solid carved and has fine oil painted plumage.  Glass eyes are inset into head. CIGAR is stamped under belly as well as signature. A coral base stand is included.  Sold.
Cigar Daisey Golden Plover by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey of Chincoteague, VA, Circa 1980's. This Golden Plover in traditional posture is branded and signed by Mr. Daisey. Cigar's trademark clam shell base is is a nice shore touch. Sold.
Doug Jester Black Duck by S.Doug Jester (1876-1961) Chincoteague, VA. Originally, part of the "Chincoteague Yacht and Sportsman's Club" located at Tom's Cove and managed/owned by Buddy "Woolsey" Burton. Sold.
George Strunk Yellowlegs by George Strunk, Glendora, N.J. Soft and elegant feeding pose by George. Carved from Cedar and painted in a realistic flat manner. Glass eyes and the carved base make a nice finishing touch. George has stamped and signed his name under the belly. Sold.
Cigar daisey Bluebill/ Scaupe pr., Circa 1980's. Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Bufflehead Drake by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. This hunting decoy was made during the 1990's. Glass eyes and carved mandibles add a decorative flair to this "dipper". Approx. length is 11 inches bill to tail. Cigar brand and signed on bottom. Sold.
Grayson Chesser Green Winged Teal pair by Grayson Chesser, Holden Creek, VA. This pair of Teal exhibits some of Grayson's finer details including raised and overlapping wings. The hen has a turned with slightly tilted head position and the pair are hunting decoys. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Curlew by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, b.1928, Chincoteague, VA. This curlew is circa. 1960 and so dated. An interpretation of a Nathan Cobb Curlew by Cigar with a carved "N" under belly. This bird measures about 17 inches, bill to tail. Cigar shared with me that his good friend and customer Bill Mackey would visit and purchase these Cobb style shorebirds in the 60's. Sold.
Ron Justis Golden Plover by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 2013. A finely painted Shorebird by Ronald with glass eyes and nicely detailed beak. This Plover rests on a piece of driftwood and Ronald has signed the bottom and carved his initials. Ronald is arguably the best decoy maker on Chincoteague Island today. Sold.
mark McNair Yellowlegs by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Approx. 13 inch long solid shorebird with a dry and old patina appearance. Mark has splined the bill through the head and added a hole under lower tail for stringing a group together. McNair incised under bottom. Sold.
Joe Kralic Content Widgeon/Bald pate pair by Joe Kralic, Sheldon, Conn. 2009. Life-like and full size, this pair by Joe is slightly hollowed and very finely painted. 7 layers of attention have been carefully applied. Oil paints are blended, wet on wet. Sold.
George Strunk Canada Goose by George Strunk, Glendora, NJ. This goose by George has overlapped primary feathers and carved tail feathers. A mellow and warm patina accentuate George's carving and details. Sold.
Oliver Lawson Mallard pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD 1969. This 7 inch long pair is carved from Bass wood and painted in oils. These fine miniatures were made post "Duck House" years and were made custom order. Signed and dated on bottom by Mr Lawson. Sold.
Ronald Justis Black duck by Ronald Justise, Chincoteague,VA. 2013. A gorgeous hollow carved cedarwood decoy painted with oils. This fine looking drake has a full body with carved primary feathers that have a layered  effect.   Sold
Cigar Golden Plover by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey of Chincoteague, VA, Circa 1980's. This Plover, in feeding posture, is branded ans signed by the decoy carving legend. Mr.Daisey also signed the base. Sold
Oliver lawson Black Duck pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. Carved from Cedar and painted in oils, this solid body pr. is made in the Ward Brothers '36 model style. The hen is a swimming posture which is creative. Sold.
Bill Gibian Yellowlegs by Bill Gibian, Onancock, VA. This feeding shorebird is in a fine mellow patina. Bill made this Yellowlegs for the consignor a few years ago. Primary wings are folded undersides and tail feathers. An oak bill is splined through the head. An elegant looking shorebird by Mr. Gibian Sold.
Bill Gibian Pair of Yellowlegs by Bill Gibian, Onancock, VA. These shorebirds are carved with relief and raised wings. Bills are splined through the head and painted in an antiqued manner. Mr. Gibian used glass eyes and his signiature is carved under bottom. Sold.
Cigar Yellowlegs by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. circa 1950. This early antique is carved from cedar wood and has a worn and shot marked patina. This shore bird is in a Ira Hudson style and made to appear as an antique in 1950. This type of carving was made and sold in New England according to Cigar. A very early Cigar carving Sold.
Spiron Yellowlegs by Charles Spiron, Goldsboro, NC circa. 1980. He has been recognized for his artistic excellence by America’s top galleries and museums. In 1979,he was appointed official decoy maker for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and in 1983 was made official maker for the Henry F. DuPont Winterthur Museum. This Yellowlegs is Sold.
Bill Gibian Hudsonian Godwit by William Gibian, Onancock, VA. This Godwit is approx. 14.5 inches long, bill-tail and has raised wings and nice carved primary and tail feathers. The mellow  patina browns and tans are blended with a light rust color hue. Sold.
Ira Hudson Black Duck by Ira Hudson (1873-1949) Chincoteague, Va. circa 1930's. Outstanding and classic "football" style Black Duck by Hudson. A solid and heavy decoy with old age split under bottom. Fluted tail carving and tack eyes. Bill Purnell brand under bottom (P). Sold.
Ronald Justis Lesser Scaup drake by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague VA. Sept 1988. A fine Scaup by Ronald when he was working under the guidance of "Cigar" Daisey while still in high school. Ronald used a "combing" technique on the back for a great looking feather effect. Sold.
Madison Mitchell Canada Goose, R. Madison Mitchell (1901-1993) Havre De Grace, MD. This goose is signed and dated, 1961. Antique gunning decoy with minimal dents, bumps and wear. Filler lifting from top of head and some old dry sap on neck. Sold
Ward Brothers Canvasback, Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield, MD. signed and dated 1948. A '48 model with a cedar head and balsa body.A classic Chesapeake Bay decoy by the Worlds most famous makers, The Ward Bros. Sold.
Cameron McIntrye Black Duck by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA. A classic styled decoy with a Mason factory influence. Cameron has given this decoy a nice used and worn appearance. CTM incised and "PREMIER" is stenciled under bottom. Sold.
Doug Jester Red Breasted Merganser miniature by S. Doug Jester (1876-1961) Chincoteague, VA. A very fine mini made in the later years of Mr. Jester's life. Carved from Cottonwood, these mini's are his most popular. This "Shell Duck" measures 6 inches in length. Sold.
Miles Hancock A quarter size Canada Goose by Mr. Miles Hancock, (1888-1974)Chicncoteague, Va. Mr. Hanock made these minatures during the last 10 years of his life. A nice addition to any Hancock/Chincoteague collection. Sold
Ronald Justis Hooded Merganser pair, Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 2013. Carved from Cedar Wood and painted in oils. These full-sized decoys are approx. 13 inches long bill to tail. Ronald has finished these Hoodies in a traditional Chincoteague style including scratch painting and tack eyes.Sold
Oliver Lawson Wood Duck pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. A mint original pr. carved and painted in 1989 by the Crisfield master. These full size decoys are carved from Cedar and painted with oils in the traditional Lawson/Crisfield style.
Sold .
Doug Jester Canvasback miniature by S. Doug Jester (1876-1961) Chincoteague, VA. A very fine mini made in the later years of Mr. Jester's life. This Canvasback has a stamp dated Nov. 12, 1960 on the underside. Sold.
Corb Reed Canvasback by James Corbett Reed (1897-1984) Chincoteague, VA. This "one of a kind" preening Canvasback drake was made about 1968. It is full, hollow carved and adorned with two carved feet. Sold.
cameron McIntire "Peep" shorebird by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA.  A finely carved  6 inch long shorebird by Cameron that has raised wing details and carved eyes in a traditional and worn patina appearance. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Ruddy Duck pair by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. Circa.1970's- 80. These "dollar ducks" are solid body and carved from pine. Old paint shrinkage and sap on breast. Nice feather painting and hunting grade without weights or straps. Glass eyes signed and stamped.Sold.
Grayson Chesser Swimming Brant by Grayson Chesser, Holden Creek, Va. A great 12 year old (close estimate) Brant that reaches about 22 inches bill to tail. Hollow body and a great aged and mellow appearance. Sold.
Art Kilman Wood Duck by Art Kilmon, Pocomoke, Md. 1988. A fine looking hollow drake and rigged for the hunt. "K" is carved in the bottom and 1988 O'Connor is written in red ink. Sold.
Mark McNair Ruddy Turnstone, Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. An outstanding shorebird with raised wings and tack eyes. Mark has applied aged and soft patina to this life-size (8 inches long) Ruddy Turnstone. McNair incised under bottom. Sold.
Lloyd Tyler

Canvasback by Lloyd Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield, MD. This decoy, circa 1930's, is in original condition with mellow, flat 70 year old paint. Painted eyes, a sign of a pure gunning decoy. Sold.

Cameron McIntyre Curlew by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA. 2013. This is the first shorebird carving Cameron has made in over 2 years. Fresh and innovative with a splined bill through the head and "shot" marks for the old in use appeal. Sold.
Cigar Daisey

Canvasback hen circa 1960's by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague Island, VA. This 40 some year old gunner was made for and sold to the legendary collector and dealer Bill Mackey. Cigars brand is very legible under breast. Sold.

Cigar Daisey Wimbrel by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA.  This shorebird is a fine example by the Chincoteague legend. The length is approx. 16 inches from tail to bill tip. Mr. Daisey celebrates his 85Th year this March. Sold.
Grayson Chesser

Red Breasted Merganser pair by Grayson Chesser, Holden Creek, VA. This fine pair by Grayson were made in 1998 and so dated. This pair has been hollowed and carved/incised comb on both drake and hen. Sold.

Ronald Justis Eskimo Curlew by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA 2012. Outstanding stick bird posing on a branch wood base. Carved from Cedar wood and painted with oils. Nice detailed feathers on back. This Curlew measures 12 inches bill to tail and the bird stands 16 inches tall on base. RJ carved under tail. Sold.
Ken Hussey Mallard drake by Ken Hussey, Canada. A Toronto School Mallard in the style of Harry Townson and J. R. Wells carved from white cedar and hollowed to a thin shell with a 3/8 inch thick bottom board. Twenty-eight nails attach bottom board to decoy. Sold.
Doug Jester Goldeneye pair by S. Doug Jester, (1876-1961) Chincoteague, Va. This original and rig mate pair is circa 1940's. A nice matched and worn gunning pair by Jester. Sold.
Mark McNair Curlew in the Eastern Shore of Va. Cobb Island manner by Mark McNair, Craddockville,Va. Mark has given this recently made shorebird the look and patina of a 100 year old classic. McNair is incised under the tail. Glass eyes and oak bill is splined through head. Sold.
Mark McNair Golden Plover by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. A great looking shorebird carving by Mark with vibrant coloring and glass eyes. Slightly raised wings with split tail primaries. "McNair" is incised on underside. Sold.
Sean Sutton Delaware River style Mallards by Sean Sutton, Paulsboro, N.J. A sleek pair of hollow gunning decoys by Sean in a low head, content pose. Clean and like new. Raised primaries on both drake and hen and fine delicate comb painting on the drake. Sold.
Pete Peterson Black Duck by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles, VA. "Hurricane" Pete created this sleek, stylish decoy in 2010. Carved in chip style. Inletted head and neck with carved eyes and soft blended paint. "PETE" stamped on bottom and name and date written on lead pad weight. Sold.
art sharply Miniature Merganser on stand by Art Sharply, 1860's-1950's, Chincoteague, Va. This little carving was made by Mr. Sharply in the 1940's period. Sold .
Ronald Justis Canvasback by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 1988. This is a full size and magnificent decoy by Ronald. The carving detail is outstanding with overlapping feathers and individual feather carving mixed with a comb paint technique. Sold.
Lem , Steve Ward Pintail hen, Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield, MD. 1963. This Cedar wood hen was carved by Steve and painted by Lem 50 years ago. Glass eyes and like mint condition.  This is a rare piece in outstanding condition for any Ward Bros. pintail or miniature decoy collector. Sold.
An elegant Yellow legs by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA. A smooth and appealing shorebird by one of the very best artist today. Cameron has applied glass eyes and even "shot" marks for effect. The bill has been splined through the head and "CTM" is incised on underside. Sold.
Ira Skees Curlew in running posture by Ira Skees, Onancock,Va. This 24 inch long Curlew is hollowed to a thin shell and is deceivingly light. The iron stand base inserts into a inner hole for steady support. Fine raised wing carving with oil painted highlights by Ira. The bill is splined into the face. Sold.
Mark McNair Ruddy Duck by Mark McNair, Craddockville, Va. A fine "dollar duck" by Mark. A solid body with Mark's painted finishing and trademark "McNair" incised under bottom. This primitive Ruddy is Sold.
Bill Kennedy Black Duck in sleeper pose by William Kennedy, South Lake, TX. Full size decoy carved from White Cedar in 2012 and so signed and dated. The bottom has been carefully distressed with inletted leather lead and removed weight. Very nice sleeper by Bill. Sold.
Ronald Justis Eider, Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. A large, body 17 inches long and 8 inches wide, New England styled decoy with a carved clam shell pegged between bill. Signed on bottom and Ronald's corn bread mold balest weight attached. Sold .
Marty linton Ruddy Duck by Marty Linton, Saxis Island, VA. presently residing in Pocomoke City, MD. A fat and shapely Ruddy with all the look of an old gunned decoy. This 'coy is carved from Cedar wood and is a solid body with attached neck and head. Sold.
Mark McNair Peep shorebird by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. circa. 2008. A fine carving by Mark. This Peep stands about 5 inches tall and is approx. 5 inches head to tail in length. Primary feathers have been carved/ highlighted and a nice fine feather paint pattern in the Verity style has been used by Mark. Sold.
Grayson Chesser

Canada Goose by Grayson Chesser, Holden Creek, VA. Circa 1995. This is a hollow carved full size goose by Grayson that has been in a fine VA. collection since the owner purchased him directly from Grayson.


Mark Mc Nair Black Duck by Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA. Circa. 2005. This is a large, 21 inches bill to tail, decoy with a very stylish sculpture and form. A very "snaky" neck and head are carved from one piece and attached to the shelf/back and form a narrow breast. Sold.
Doug Jester

Red Breasted Merganser, circa. 1955 by S. Douglas Jester (1876-1961) Chincoteague Island, VA. Approx. 6 inches long, this antique shows his age. Carved from Balsa Wood and showing paint wear Sold.

Bill Kennedy Ruddy Duck by Bill Kennedy, formally of Havre De Grace, MD presently residing in the Lone Star state. "Old School Willie", as Bill is referred to by friends due to his use of hand tools only. OSW is stamped in the bottom. Exposed nail heads in neck and dowel through head and body further exemplify the "old school way". Sold.
Ronald Justis
Wood duck by Ronald Justice, Chincoteague, Va. A solid body decoy, carved from Cedar and painted in oils. Ronald has incorporated an antique finish to a traditional Chincoteague style decoy. Signed, dated and stamped under bottom. Sold.
Oliver Lawson Green Winged Teal, Oliver Lawson, Crisfield,Md. This full size Teal measures 10 inches long and was made in 1959 and is signed by Mr. Lawson. Outstanding condition for 50 years old. Mr. Lawson attached "peach basket" raised wings which add to the rarity.Sold.
Mark McNair Long Billed Dowitcher by Mark McNair, Craddockville, Va. circa. 2012. This feeding pose in the Verity style is outstanding and 100%. Carved eyes, slightly raised wings and lots of finely painted plummage. McNair carved under belly and Mark's stand is included. A great creation by one of the world's best artist. Sold.
Ira Skees Redhead by Ira Skees, Onancock,VA. Large and hollowed two piece decoy similar to the Cobb Island, VA. or Hogg Island, VA. old decoys. Ira even left an intentional separation for the "old and dry" look.Sold .
Bill Gibian Spotted Sandpiper by William Gibian, Eastern Shore of VA. A precise,delicate sculpture of this small (7 inch length) loner shore bird. This Sandpiper has beautiful color and tones with feathering details that Bill strives to capture. Sold.
Marty Linton Red Breast Merganser by Marty Linton, Saxis, Virginia. This shell duck drake was inspired by Long Island and Chincoteague styles. This decoy won “Best in Show” at the Havre De Grace, MD decoy show in May 2011. Sold.
Cameron McIntyre Golden Plover by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA. A nice large carving by Cameron with no apologies. Tack eyes and Cameron's initials are carved underneath. A great piece of art for any shorebird collector for Sold.
Cameron McIntyre Wood Duck by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA. A mellow and soft patina on this hollow decoy by Cameron. Sold.
Corb Reed

Canvasback made by J. Corbett Reed (1897-1987  ) Chincoteague, VA. This 10 inch long decoy was made by "Corb" in 1974 and so stamped. JC Reed stamped on bottom.Sold.

Mark McNair An elegant Yellow Legs by Mark McNair, circa 2008. All original with glass eyes and oak bill splined through head. A classic looking sculpture by Mark and one to own. Carved " McNair" under belly. Fourteen inches in length. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Hen Black Duck, Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA circa 1970. A mint hunting Black duck here folks. Carved from Cottonwood with hollowed two piece design. Sold.
George Strunk

Dove, George Strunk, Glendora, N.J. Breast preening and very elegant pose. This recently created Dove is the first I have ever seen by George. Fine lines are highlighted by some of the finest painting done today. . Sold.

Oliver Lawson Miniature Bald pate/Widgeon pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. This pair is from 1957 or 58 and was made for Kitty Cumming's shop "The Duck House" located in Rumbley, MD. Sold.
George Strunk

Miniature Black Duck by George Strunk, Glendora, NJ. This fine 8 inch long and hollow decoy by George is lifelike in all aspects but size. George has carved out the tail feathers, raised the primaries and attached lead weight and tie on this miniature. The classic Delaware River style is evident in George's carvings and his painting is, well, one of the best. Sold.

Ronald Justis
Green Winged Teal pair, Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. A clean and classic looking pair of Teal by Ronald. This pair is hollowed with a bottom board attached. The missing keel weight and tie strap removed look is a very cool detail. Carved from White Cedar and painted using oils. Both are signed and "RJ" carved under tail. This pair, Sold.
Oliver lawson
Cinnamon Teal by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. Made in 1960 for Kitty Cummings proprietor of the Duck House, Rumbley,MD. This "mini" is in excellent condition and comes from a fine Lawson collection. A rare species is this drake Teal and original label is affixed to bottom. Sold.
doug_jester Redhead, S. Doug Jester,Chincoteague,VA.(1876-1961). A fine old, 1940's, decoy by Mr. Jester that has thin crack in the neck (head is tight). An old bolt, that is embedded partially in bottom, was used for ballast. A collectors stamp is partially legible also. This Redhead measures 16 inches, bill to tail. Sold.
Bill Gibian Greater Yellowlegs, Bill Gibian, Onancock, VA. Finely sculpted and painted preener by Bill. Primary feathers are individually carved. No issues with this elegant Gibian carving. Nice warm patina on this shorebird. From a fine shorebird collection. Sold.
Joiner Redhead pair by Charlie Joiner, Betterton, Md.  A very nice pair of early Redheads by Mr. Joiner. The drake is dated 1951 and hen 1953. "X" s are carved under tail to identify the collection of Clarence Webb of Cecil County, Md. this pair is in great original condition. Sold.
Ron Koch Kankakee Marsh Pintails (Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Mag. March 2009) by Ron Koch, Rivermoor, WI. Solid body 'coys in the Kankakee style. Ron is featured in Loy S. Harrell's book (Decoys-60 Living and Outstanding North American Carvers.) Ron's decoys are stamped on bottom and a "W" is stamped under the bill in memory of his father, Wilbert.Sold.
Quail A unique piece of folk art, this quail/partridge carving. Unknown maker. My guess is that this piece was made in the 50's or 60's. A neat carving with nicotine smell and patina.A very nice art piece for Sold.
Ronald Justis Elegant Yellowlegs by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, Va. Traditional styled shorebird carving standing on a driftwood base. This Yellowlegs is painted in a scratched feather pattern and has a hardwood bill splined through the head. A nice Chincoteague original by Ronald for only Sold.
Brian Piccirillo Merganser by Brian Piccirillo, Miami, FL. Brian's New England roots are on full display with this large Merganser decoy. Carved and hollowed from Cedar and a fine looking head that is slotted and pegged into the body. Reminds me of a Gus Wilson decoy. Carved eyes and a carved comb give this decoy a great look Sold.

Miniature Canada Goose and Mallard hen by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. Each of these "little stools" are about 5 inches long. Many are still in collections that folks bought directly from Mr. Miles on visits to the island up until 1974. Both are signed and the goose is dated,1968. Sold.


Red Breasted Merganser by Ralph Reed, Chincoteague, Va. This circa 1960's miniature, 6 inches, was made by Ralph for the tourist that flock to this little island each summer. Mr. Reed stopped carving sometime in the 1970's and he is now deceased. Signed "Made by Ralph Reed Chincoteague, VA" Sold.

joe_kralic Laughing Dove mounted on deer antler By Joe Kralic, Shelton, Connecticut. Life-size Laughing or Senegal Dove, 11 inches long. The Laughing Dove is native to parts of Africa and Asia Minor and Joe has captured the reddish/browns and pinkish colors of this dove. Sold.
Cigar daisey Curlew by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague,VA. Circa. 1970. Nice large Curlew with turned head and bill splined through head. Glass eyes and a soft patina. A classic Chincoteague carving by the decoy legend. "Cigar" will be turning 84 this year. Sold.
Ira Skees Bufflehead pair, Ira Skees, Eastern Shore of VA. Folksy, hunting appearance on these "dippers". A slot inserted head with slightly raised wing tips. Really cool heart shaped wing pattern on these 8 inch long decoys. I Skees carved under bottoms. Sold.
Regie Birch Red Breasted Merganser, Reg Birch, Chincoteague, VA. A hollowed, two piece carving of a preening "shell duck". Fifteen inches in length (tail to breast), this Merganser has slightly raised primary feathers and glass eyes from Germany. R. Birch carved in bottom. Sold.
Joe Kralic Life sized Kestrel by Joseph Kralic, Shelton, Conn. Joe scores again with this "smallest of the hawk family" carving. The Kestrel itself is a wonderful carving but Joe has added a fitting deer antler and wood base for a more complete "world class" creation. Sold.
Doug Jester Hooded Merganser hen by S. Doug Jester (1876-1961) Chincoteague, VA. Circa 1930's. Moderate gunning wear with combs intact. Base coat was white as you can see traces of white showing through top coat colors.Sold.
Mark  McNair Feeding Whimbrel, Mark McNair, Craddocksville, VA. Small cousin to the Curlew, this Whimbrel measures approx. Wings are carved out for a raised appearance. McNair carved under bottom. A very neat pose for a shorebird carving. Sold.
Rich Smoker Canvasback drake by Rich Smoker, Marion Station, Md. You need to take another look at this one. Made only a few weeks ago but displays like a 70 year old with an outstanding worn patina. Sold.
Mark McNair Bufflehead drake, Mark McNair, Craddockville, VA  Neat little "dipper" by Mark and so branded. A slightly hollowed decoy with a round body and glass eyes. Nice addition to your collection Sold.
Cameron McIntyre Black Duck, Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA. Finely sculpted decoy by one of the worlds finest artist/makers. This Black Duck is carved and hollowed from cedar wood. Slightly raised wing carvings give added depth to the thick oil paint and scratched feathers. Sold.
Miles Hancock Early, 1930's, Pintail drake by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, VA. This decoy has great form, carved from a boat spar?, and measures about 18 inches in length. Mr. Miles apprenticed "up the neck" at the Hudson home in the late 1920's and early 30's. Sold.
Ira Hudson 1930's Bluebill/Blackhead drake by Ira Hudson (1873-1949) Chincoteague, VA. This decoy is in the highly sought after "football body" style and has a paddle tail with tack eyes. This decoy's head has great form and the bird is in original condition. A classic decoy from a great collection.Sold.
Oliver Lawson Greater Snow Goose by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. This decoy was made in the late 80's for the Vogle's of Dewey Beach, DE. Nicely accented wings and a mellowed 20 year old patina. Goose is 15 inches tall and about 25 inches in length. Mr. Lawson said he did not make many Snow Geese and this was an ordered piece by the Vogle's. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Bluebill pair from the early 90's by "Cigar"Daisey, born1928, Chincoteague Island, VA. Solid carved from cedar, glass eyes, carved and raised primary feathers and tail feathers. Comb painting on the drake and iridescent paint on head. Sold.
Rich Smoker Pintail pair by Rich Smoker, Marion, Md. High head pair resembles the Kankakee style. Carved from white pine and hollow, a dowel runs through the neck from head to body. Recycled shot is inside body cavity. A pad weight is attached with Rich's trademark and "RW Smoker" is stamped in also. Sold.
Harry Shourds Miniature Bluebill fliers signed and dated 1965 by Harry V. Shourds, Seaville, N.J. A mint pair of 46 year old fliers by Mr. Shourds. Sold.
Danny Marshall Green wing Teal pair by Danny Marshall, Chincoteague, Va. A nice solid pair with an appealing round chested hen. Danny is a fine maker and only makes a few pair of decoys each year with most of his carvings going to local charities and Ducks Unlimited banquets.  Sold.
Reg Birch A Pickerel carving by Reg Birch, Berlin, Germany, 2011. This 27 inch long carving is of an African wood and is all one piece and solid.  The use of blues and greens serve as a picturesque framing for the centerpiece. Sold.
LLoyd Sterling Lloyd A. Sterling, Crisfield, MD (1880-1964).Canvasback decoy circa 1950. Balsa wood carving with lead strap and tack eyes. Back is stipple painted with lead. Near mint condition with only small smudges . Small brand of "TM" on bottom. Sold.
Oliver Lawson 1956 miniature Canada (8 inches long, 5 inches tall) by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. This decorative carving was owned by Joseph B. French and so stamped. Mr. Lawson made this carving prior to the decoys he made and sold to Ms. Elizabeth Hall for the Duck House in Rumbley,MD. Sold.
Lloyd Tyler Outstanding folk art Widgeon pair from Crisfield, Md. circa. 1950's. Similar examples can be seen in Henry Stansbury's book titled Lloyd J. Tyler, Folk Artist, Decoy Maker (pages 9,38,67and 108). Rare and hard to find these uniquely Crisfield decoys. Sold.
Cigar Daisey

Highly detailed gunning Ruddy Duck, circa 1971, by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, Va. This Ruddy is outstanding with fine carved details, under bill, tail feathers and primaries. The painting is some of Cigar's best and the 40 year old mellow patina has greatly enhanced this little "dipper". Sold.

German POW Scaupe /Bluebill, American or European? The answer is both. This bluebill is one of about 3 dozen decoys made in America by German POW's in Georgetown, Delaware during WWII. The camp was built in 1942 and about 1944 the commander needed something to keep the German prisoners busy. Sold.
Grayson Chesser

Widgeon/Bald pate pair by Grayson Chesser, Hunting Creek, Va. Gunning pair made in 1999. Grayson's decoys are durable and made for use. Slightly hollowed and rich oil paints make Grayson's birds a fan favorite. Sold.

Ronald Justis

Ringneck pair by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, Va. 2011. Ronald's realistic interpretation of a life size pair sitting on a pond. They are carved from cedar wood and painted in oils. The drake has a combing technique on the sides. Sold.

Ronald Justis Green Winged Teal by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, Va. This solid body carving, cedar, has a fluted tail and raised wing with head preening his feathers.  Painted with oils in a soft and mellow finish. Ronald has applied some scratch paint technique to the raised wing for added appeal. Sold.
Lloyd Sterling Sanderling or "Peep" shorebird by Lloyd A. Sterling, Crisfield Md. (1880-1964). A piece of Crisfield folk-art here folks. A very stylish "peep" made by Lloyd Sterling in the 1950's. This bird is carved from balsa wood and has glass eyes inserted. Sold.
Ronald Justis One of a kind carving of a Brook Trout by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, Va. 2011.
This 13 inch trout is carved from an old plank of Cedar wood, 18 inches long. Light in weight and ready to be hung (mount on back). Ronald is constantly expanding his work and this plague is a first. Sold.
Ronald Justis "Peep" Shorebird by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. This new carving by Ronald stands 8 inches tall and rests on a piece of drift wood. The bill is inserted into the head and eyes are carved in. Slightly raised wings and fine oil painting make this an attractive little Shorebird Sold.
Ronals Justis
Horned Grebe by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, Va. A life sized Grebe in winter plumage by Ronald. Carved with a flat bottom (as seen on the water) and painted using oils with glass eyes. Striking and elegant, signed and date on bottom, this little guy is only Sold.
Ronald Justis New England Surf Scoter by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. A carved clam shell is attached in the bill by a peg and an inletted head and neck is a nice touch that I have not seen Ronald incorporate into his decoys before. A creative and nice new addition for Ronald. Sold.
Eldred Tyler
Whimsical Shorebird by Eldred Tyler, Crisfield,MD. (B. 1900 D. 1996) Cousin to Lloyd Tyler and carved and sold his form of Folk art from the 1970's until the 1990's. Sold.
Oliver Lawson Red Head pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. This pair of full sized decoys were made in 1989, and so dated and signed by Mr. Lawson. Carved these "divers" from cedar wood and always paints his decoys with oil. Lawson decoys are a desired favorite and first class addition to any collection or rig. Sold.
Ronald Justis
Gunning Canvasback by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, Va. This finely carved and hollowed decoy by Ronald has a striking high head. This Canvasback is almost 9 inches tall. The decoy is carved from cedar wood and has carved primary feathers and a fluted tail. Painted in oils. Sold.
Camern McIntyre
Atlantic Brant by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, VA. This hollow two-piece decoy has a fantastic sculpted head and neck. It is hard to acquire Cameron's decoys and this one is personalized with a pencil. Sold.
Regie Birch Bufflehead pair by Reg Birch, Chincoteague Island, Va. These decoys have a whimsical Mason kind of appearance. Reggie has been attending shows and carving for folks all over the world for well over 25 years. Sold.
Danny Marshall
Pocomoke Sound Canvasback by Danny Marshall, formally of Saxis,Va. Outstanding solid, cedar body, with a barreled chest. Danny paints in the famous Crisfield School manner that he studied years ago from Lem and Steve Ward. Not many of his decoys come to market as he only carves a few a year. Sold.
Cigar Daisey

Mint pair of Ruddy Ducks by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, Island, Va. "Cigar", 83 years young, is well known for his decoys and gunning lore but trapping was his main source of income as he has shared with me. These Ruddies are life sized and made for the collector. Sold.

Cigar Daisey
Mallard pair by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague Island, Va. 1970. An absolute mint gunning pair by Mr. Daisey. This pair was made of high density cork with a cedar head attached.  Bottoms were rounded and there is no bottom board, just a keel which is stamped, signed and dated 1970. " Sold.
Cigar Daisey Gunning Red-breasted Merganser by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, Va. This decoy is one of a rig made in 1987 for a Virginia collector. "Cigar" painted this in oils as requested by the collector. Tack eyes and mighty similar in look to decoys made by Miles Hancock. Stamped and signed on bottom. Sold.
Ronald Justis

Widgeon gunning pair by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, Va. Cedar carved and hollowed with a penny inside each. Weighted with his trademark corn bread mold weight.  Sold.

Bill Kennedy '36 model Ward Bros. Pintails by Bill Kennedy, Southlake, Texas. These replicas are full sized, about 19 inches bill to tail, carved from cedar and hollowed. Painted with oils and fantastic stipple effect on drake's back. He only uses hand tools and hatchet to make his decoys. Sold.
Ian McNair

Long and sleek Black Duck by Ian McNair, Craddockville, Va. A hollow carved cedar wood decoy pinned together with locust pins and painted with oils. this was part of the McNair gunning rig for the recent season. Ian only carves a few decoys each year but when he does he sure makes a fine example as this one is 19 inches long. Sold.

Rick Smoker New England style of Red Breasted Mergansers by Rich Smoker, Marion, Md. Solid bodies with inserted horse hair combs. Painted in a worn and washed antiqued manner. Made and dated 2009. Very stylish and in excellent mint condition.
Ira Skees Curlew in Cobb Island style by Ira Skees, Onancock, VA. Nice worn antique patina, bill inserted through head with carved in eyes. Approx. 16 inches in length bill to tail. I. Skees carved under the bottom. Body width is approx. 3 inches. Sold.
Paul Henry A very nice Snipe carving by Paul Henry. The Snipe stands on wire legs and feet mounted to a small redwood base. Very nice wing carving as the primaries are raised and overlapping and each feather is carved out also. Sold.
Bill Gibian

Dowitcher by Bill Gibian, Onancock, Va. A fine carving by one of the top makers today. Carved from cedar, note the finely carved and raised primary tail feathers. Raised shoulders are accented by Bill's fine touch with oils and brush. Sold.

Pete Peterson Large Currituck, N.C. Black Duck by "Hurricane" Pete Peterson of Cape Charles, Va. Pete made this decoy hollow and almost 18 inches in length. An old Iron works company in Elizabeth City, N.C. made the ballast weight. A great looking Black Duck with a well defined head."Pete" stamped in underside. Sold.
Ira Skees
Pintail drake by Ira Skees, Onancock, Va. This decoy has the head and neck inserted in the breast and is a 2 piece hollow design. The primaries are raised and form a V near the tail. A solid wood sprig is durable and suits this gunning decoy. Nice comb painting. Sold.
Mark Finisecy Large Ruddy Duck by Mark Finisecy of Faulkner, MD. in Southern MD near the famed Potomac River. Carved and finished in a primitive and antiqued style as an old hunting decoy. Incised wing carving and detail. Mark's Ruddy measures 11inches bill to tail and 7 inches wide. Sold.
Oliver Lawson Eight inch long Canvasback by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, Md. 1961. Excellent 50 year old carving by Mr. Lawson which he made for and sold to Kitty Cummins' Duck House decoy shop in Rumbley,Md. Sold.
Mark McNair A Virginia Peep by Mark McNair. A fantastic and interesting shorebird that even "shows shot scars from the turn of the century shorebird hunts" This new Peep has a well aged patina that Mr. McNair is renowned for. The bill has been inserted through the head and a large M is incised under tail. Sold.
OLiver Lawson Gunning pair of Mallards by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, Md. This pair was made for Kitty Cummins, owner of the "Duck House" in Rumbley, Md. Kitty sold Lawson decoys out of her home and was an avid duck hunter herself. Sold.
Brian Piccirillo
Stylish Yellow legs by Brian Piccirillo, Miami, Fla. This feeding Yellow legs has stick hole for 2 positions. Carving is sleek and elegant. Brian has finished this bird with oils in a very soft and blended manner. Sold.
Ronald Justis Fantastic, sleek Blue Winged Teal by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, Va. Life sized and hollow (with a penny inside) and painted in oils with a rich deep patina. A gunning bird with a Delaware River and Blair school resemblance.
Mark McNair Vintage Dowitcher by Mark McNair. This Sculpture, in a feeding posture has a rich mellow patina. The bill is splined through the head and paint has some crazing around the shoulders, (this adds to the vintage patina). Sold.
Joe Kralic

Gorgeous pair of Blue Bills by Joe Kralic of Stratford, Conn. Joe has this pair sculpted and posed in a courtship manner. Both are hollow and painted in thick oils. Layers of wet on wet paint applications produce a blending of feathers and depth. Sold.

Oliver Lawson Gorgeous pair of Wood ducks by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, Md. Mr. Lawson's outstanding oil paint style on Cedar Wood. Flat bottom, Crisfield school decoys ready for the shelf or could be weighted and rigged for the hunt. A flat, mellow appearance is sure to please. Sold.
Ronald Justis Preening Blue Bill by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, Va. This Greater Scaup is a solid body carving with head attached. Ronald created this decoy with inspiration from Ira Hudson. The paint patterns are influenced by the Hudson's and the swirled breast pattern that Delbert used came from the early 1900's Mason decoys. Sold.
Brian Picccirillo

Surf Scoter by Brian Piccirillo, Stratford, Conn/Miami, Fla. A fine looking New England Scoter in a preening pose. Hollow carved and pained in oils. "BP" is carved in bottom and nail holes replicate an old removed ballast weight. Sold.

Ron Koch Calling Black Duck by Ron Koch, Omro, Wisconsin. Hollow carved decoy with BB's inside. A gunner, with a thick durable bill. Ron has weighted and stamped the bottom. A "W" is stamped under the bill in remembrance of Ron's father Wilbert. Ron is a regular contributing writer for " Hunting and Fishing Collectibles" magazine. Sold.
Miles Hancock Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague Island, VA . Miniature, 6 inches, Blue bill/ Blackhead/Scaupe. Signed and dated 1967.Sold.
Bill Kennedy A fantastic Ruddy Duck by Bill Kennedy. Bill, formally from the Havre De Grace, Md. learned from and worked with many of the Upper Chesapeake Bay makers. This Ruddy, hollowed and pegged together is carved and crafted with only hand tools. Sold.
Ronald Justis

Blue Winged Teal by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, Va. This Teal was made in 1997 when Ronald was at the young age of 27 years. Carved from a solid piece of cedar wood, painted in oils and glass eyes are used. Sold.

Ira Hudson

Large, solid body (bill-tail, 15.5 inches long) Black Duck by Ira Hudson (1873-1949) from "Up the Neck" on Chincoteague Island, Va. Outstanding and original, circa 1930's, this  classic Hudson decoy is in the football style with tack eyes, fluted tail and lead pad weight. Sold.

Miles Hancock Green Winged Teal by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague Island, VA. A decorative and rare decoy from 1959 by Mr. Miles.This decoy is signed and dated, July1,1959 (barely legible). A full blown antique with mellow dry paint. This is one that adds to a Hancock collection. Sold.
Ronald Justis

Raised wings Blue Winged Teal by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, Va. Gorgeous teal by Ronald, full size in a "picking wing" pose.Sold.

Bill Gibian Blue Winged Teal by William Gibian, Onancock, Va. A finely carved hollow decoy by Mr. Gibian. Raised primaries and carved tail feathers highlight the fine oil paint on this teal. Nice soft colors and blending schemes demonstrate why Bill is one of the most sought after makers today.   Sold.
Bob McGaw
Excellent and original Canvasback by Robert McGaw (1879-1958) Havre De Grace, Maryland. This circa 1940 McGaw is in original dry paint and has McGaw's personal brand and his "dog bone" weight. Sold.
Miles Hancock Baldpate/Widgeon drake circa. 1930-40s by Miles Hancock,Chincoteague Island,VA. This decoy is carved from cottonwood/polonia wood. Painted in oils in a first class style and pattern .Scratch paint to face and neck. Opinions are that Delbert or Norman Hudson painted this decoy over 50 years ago. Sold.
Ian McNair

Blue Winged Teal pair by Ian McNair, Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ian has a fine feel for hunting decoys as he grew up in the marshes and creeks of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay. The mellow dark patina on these decoys is outstanding as these New England style influenced teal look 70 years old. Sold

Brian Piccirillo

Black Duck with tucked bill by Brian Piccirillo. Full sized sleeper, carved and hollowed from cedar wood. Brian is an outstanding maker who's production is very limited each year. "BP" carved in bottom. Sold.

Ronald Justis Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, Va. Ronald has a very interesting style here. Slightly raised and cross over primaries and a neat carved foot on the side. Hollow carved with a penny inside. "RJ" carved under tail and Ronald's grandmothers cornbread mold weight completes this decoy. Sold.
Ira Skees Reaching Curlew with a dragonfly in the grasp by Ira Skees, Onancock, Va. Arguably the best Skees Curlew I have seen, with a creative pose and fantastic look and feel. This curlew is hollowed to a thin shell and is pieced together by wooden pegs. Sold.
Ronald Justis Ruddy Duck by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, Va. Stylish decoy with up swept tail. Solid round body carved from cedar and painted with oils in multiple layers with an applied antique patina. Lead pad weight and leather tie add to the old gunning decoy appearance. Sold.
Ronald Justis Semi-Palmated Sandpiper by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island,VA. Fantastic preener with raised wings and positioned on a "beach sand" wooden base. This Sandpiper stands eight inches tall, base to wing tip. A great shorebird by Ronald for only Sold.
Don Briddell

Green Winged Teal pair by Don Briddell, formally of  Crisfield, Md. These miniature Teal pair were made and dated 1954. Don would have been in junior high then. Fantastic paint for a 13 year old. Sold.

John Smith "Captain" John Smith (1871-1959) South Point, MD (Ocean City MD). Pintail drake Circa. 1940's. Solid carved with a sweeping tail. It came out of a gunning rig and "LP" is burnt into bottom for owner or gunning club. Captain Smith made decoys into his 80's. For more info. see Decoy Magazine, July-August 1996. Sold.
Grayson Chesser Green Winged Teal pair by Grayson Chesser, Holden Creek,VA. Gunning Teal from 1989 in outstanding paint and condition. Hollow carved and durable, as all of Grayson's decoys are made for use. Grayson's " C" is carved on bottom and signed and dated. Sold.
Rich Smoker Common Loon in swimming posture by Rich Smoker, Marion, MD. Approximately 16 inches long. Fantastic iridescent green paint on head with finely carved bill. This 2007 Loon is Sold.
Sean Sutton Wood Duck by Sean Sutton, Paulsboro, NJ. This "Woodie" was made about 2006 and has worn mellow antiqued appearance. A walnut keel adds to the dark patina. Signed by Sean, this example Sold.
Mark McNair Peep Shorebird by Mark McNair.This Peep is in the style Obediah Verity (1850-1910). Oak bill splined/inserted through back of head, great little wing carving and Mark's outstanding paint on this 5 inch long carving. Sold.
Ken Hussey Standing Canvas-Covered Black Duck by Ken Hussey, Canada.The inspiration of this creation can be found in "Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway" by George Ross Star,Jr. (Color Plate no. 11). This Black Duck is constructed on a wooden frame which is wound with wire. Sold .
Rick Fish

Pair of elegant Egrets by Rick Fish, Public Landing, MD. This pair has a formal and sleek antiqued appearance and works in number of presentations. Rick Fish, formerly of Chincoteague,VA is a full-time carver,maker and "picker". (See Jim Trimble's article on Rick in Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine, May/June 2010) Sold.

Ronald Justis 1910 Ira Hudson style hooded Merganser hen by Ronald justis, Chincoteague Island VA. Solid body gunning decoy Oil painted with "scratched feathers" and aged patina. Ronald's initials are carved under tail. Corn bread mold weight is a unique Justis trait. Sold.
Ira Skees Virginia Ruddy Duck by Ira Skees, Eastern Shore of VA. Fantastic styled decoy with up-swept tail. Layers of oil paint have been applied and partially removed and the results are one of the best contemporary antique Ruddy Ducks I have ever held. This Skees original is Sold.
Ken Hussey Bufflehead pair by Kenneth Hussey, Canada. This pair is based on a lone Peter Pringle hen that Ken was impressed by at the Canadian National Carving Championships. This hen won third in Contemporary Antique Division at the 2010 Ward World Championships. . Sold.
Corb Reed

Mint pair of Canvasbacks by James Corbett Reed, Chincoteague, VA.     (1897-1987) The" Bull” neck drake has raised wings at the shoulders and is solid. Mr. Reed used a special device to stipple paint the back of his cans and took the secret to his grave. Sold.

Brian Piccirillo Standing Buffle Head hen by Brian Piccirillo. Full size, carved solid body from white cedar. Tack eyes with nice mellow oil paint and scratched back feathering for a vintage appearance.She stands on a well crafted rustic wooden base. Brian's initials carved under tail. Sold.
Reggie Birch Miniature Hudson style Pintail by Reg Birch, Chincoteague,VA. Great patina and scratch painted feathers on wings. A neat and affordable 8 inch long carving by one of the most popular decoy makers today.
Bill Gibian Full size Eider Sea Duck by William Gibian. Hollow carved two piece sculpture with incised tail and secondary feathers. Head is inserted in body via slot and groove ( mortise and tendon). New England style. A peg is inserted through top of head to further strengthen. Sold.
Danny Marshall 1970's Canvasback pair. Hollow and carved from cedar wood, painted with oil and stippled back with lead paint (as the Ward Bro's.). Danny Marshall was a student of Lem and Steve Ward. He grew up near Saxis, Virginia across Pocomoke Sound from Crisfield, MD. Sold.
Oliver Lawson Ruddy Duck pair by Oliver Lawson,Crisfield,MD. Cedar and painted in oils. Hen's tail rests on the water and the drake is slightly raised. (Keels can be removed if preferred.) Signed on bottom by Mr. lawson.
Grayson Chesser A rare 1976 Green Wingged Teal by Grayson Chesser of Sanford/Holden Creek, Va. This hen is an early gunning bird and is in pristine condition and preening pose.  Ballest weight is made from a child's muffin pan mold. Very unique and measures about 8 inches in length. Carved "C" and signed/dated on bottom.
Sold .
Ronald Justis

Graceful Old Squaw by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, VA. Hollow body (2010 penny inside) cedar carved in a content preening posture. Ronald has blended oil paints to give a real feathered appearance and soft patina. He used a strip of leather for the sprig which adds durability. Signed and carved"RJ" under neath and rigged for the hunt. Sold.

Cigar Daisey Long Billed Curlew in running pose by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague Island, Va. According to Mr. Daisey, he has only made about 25 of these. A rare life size shorebird. He made one years ago and mounted it on his rooftop only to sell it years later to someone who would not go home without it. Sold.
Ronald Justis Ruddy Duck pair by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, VA. Spectacular solid body Ruddies with slightly raised wing carving on preening hen. Painted in oils with scratch technique on bodies. Ronald has these rigged for the hunt with his corn bread mold weight and leather strap. R J carved underneath and signed. Sold.
Wayne Watson 1950 mini Mallard Flyers by Wayne Watson formerly of Chincoteague,VA. These 9 inch long flyers were given to Wayne's friend, Jim Thompson as a gift,Christmas 1951.Note the strong Ira Hudson influence .Wayne met Ira Hudson in about 1943 and married Ira's grand niece, Fay, in 1951.Wayne is a 3rd generation waterman and clammer. Sold.
Ronald Justis Nice Dowitcher by Ronald Justis of Chincoteague Island, VA. Great looking patina on this finely carved and oil painted shorebird. Slightly raised wing carving and "RJ" carved under tail. This Dowitcher  rests on a rust colored metal stand. A great Chincoteague shorebird Sold.
Miles Hancock 1 quarter size Canada Goose by Mr. Miles Hancock, Chicncoteague, Va. signed and dated 1971, 3 years before his death. A nice addition to any Hancock/Chincoteague collection as this size is harder to find than the more common 6 inch version.  Sold.
Ronald Justis Hooded Merganser pair by Ronald Justis, Chincotegue Island VA .Gunning life size pair, hollowed, painted in oils for a rich traditional appearance. Nicely fine carved teeth and primary and tail feathers.Note the foot carved on the hen's left side, reminiscent of the late James Corb Reed. Sold.
Oliver lawson Bluebill/Scaupe by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. Solid body,carved from cedar wood, this decoy is carved in the classic 1936 model style of Lem and Steve Ward. Stipple paint applied to back gives a textured and durable feathered appearence. Sold.
Grayson Chesser Remarkable pair of life-sized Green Winged Teal flyers by Grayson Chesser, Holden Creek, VA. This mint pair is signed and dated 1996. Finely painted details and carved individual feathers and feet. These Teal are arguably a "one-of-a-kind" creation by Mr. Chesser. Sold.
Ira Skees "Three Left Terns" by Eastern Shore of Virginia carver Ira Skees. All three are lightly aged with an incredibly soft patina befitting a group of shorebirds 100 years or older. I. Skees carved in the bottom of each. Sold.
Bill Gibian Preening Golden Plover by Bill Gibian. Outstanding sculpture and carving with oil paints. Stand on a carved shell base. Sold.
Reggie Birch Ira Hudson style miniature Goose by Reggie Birch, Chincoteague Island,VA. This carving by Reggie is illustrated on page 13 of the Sept/ Oct. 2009 issue of Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine Reggie's family roots in VA., can be traced to 1763 and Assateague Island (a barrier Island that runs east of the Virginia and Maryland coast).This goose Sold.
Ronald Justis Artistic Eskimo Curlew by Chincoteague Island native, Ronald Justis. Realistic raised wing with bill tucked, preening Curlew. Signed under base and also "RJ" carved under tail, this decoy is sure to be revered as more than folk art. Ronald has only made 6 or so of this style shorebird and they will not be mass produced. You better own one while they are still very reasonable. Sold.
Content, snuggle pose drake Widgeon by Joseph Kralic, Stratford, CT. A special carving by Joe demonstrates the life-like attitude of this Baldpate. Joe's thick oil painting technique is fully evident as this bird comes to life. Note the feathered layers on the back and also the primaries. Pictures do not do this bird justice. Sold.
Dave Bundick Yellow legs by David Bundick, Modestown, Va. Natural content attitude on this shorebird made approx. 1989. David is a professional craftsman who has not entered contest or exhibited at the major shows in nearly 20 years. Bundick carved on underside. Sold.
Ira Skees Yellowlegs by Ira Skees of Onancock, Va. In the style of Ira Hudson. Great distressed appearance and bill inserted through back of head. Solid carved from cedar. Only a handful made (less than 5.) Sold
Lloyd Tyler Pair of 3.5 inch long mallards by Lloyd J. Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield,MD. Very rare and highly collectible pair by Mr. Tyler. The hen has a slight tail sliver. Lloyd used these miniatures as gifts and packaging materials. Sold.
Bill Gibian Long Billed Curlew by William Gibian, Onancock,Va. Carved from White Cedar and painted with oils. This sculpture stands on a "marsh mud" color base and measures almost 14 inches tall. Length from bill to tail is about 16 inches. Sold.
Oliver Lawson Pintail by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. Solid body,carved from cedar wood, this decoy is carved in the classic 1936 model style of Lem and Steve Ward. Stipple paint applied to back gives a textured and durable feathered appearence.Mr. Lawson was Lem and Steve's friend, neighbor and understudy. Sold.
Brian Piccirillo Common Tern by Brian Piccirillo. This carving by Brian has two stand positions and rest on a boat cleat base. Brian is a carver and painter with a world of talent and becoming more popular in the decoy collecting world. BP is carved in underside. This example by Brian is Sold.
Brian Piccirillo A fantastic interpretation of an Albert Lang Snow Goose by Brian Piccirillo, Miami, Fla. Carved from cedar and hollowed, this sleek and mellow sleeper has a classic New England appearance. Brian does very few decoys each year, but what he does is first class. Sold.
Ira Skees Pair of hollow body curlews by Ira Skees, Onancock, VA. A coastal Virginia carver. The paint and finish on these large, oversized birds are superb and have a depth and patina that suggest decoys that are 100 years old. I. Skees is carved in the bottom. Sold.
Reg Birch Mallard in the style of Ira Hudson. Carved from cedar and painted with oils by Reggie Birch from Chincoteague,VA. Reggie pays close attention to detail on the old Chincoteague classics. This 7 inch replica is prime example of his ability and knowledge of the great old makers. Sold.
Miiles hancock

Half size Red Breasted Merganser drake by Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague, Va. This decoy made and dated 1969 measures 5 inches tall and 12 inches long. Sold.

Cigar Daisey Merganser pair by Chincoteague, Va. legend Delbert "Cigar" Daisey. An early 1960's decoy pair by Mr. Daisey. This life size pair was carved and painted in a traditional Chincoteague pattern. It is difficult to find a matched pair from nearly 50 years ago. Sold.
Ronald Justis Red Breasted Merganser-"Hairy Head" by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, VA. This decoy is influenced by a 1920's style Ira Hudson. "R J" carved under tail, signed in marker. Sold.
Miles Hancock

Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague Island, VA .  Miniature, 6 inches, Canada Goose.  Signed and dated 1970. A very nice little carving and highly sought after. Mr. Miles' eyes were bad and his hands arthritic by this time. A special miniature to own for a reasonable price. Sold.

Cameron M Large Black Duck by Cameron McIntyre. In the style of Nathan Cobb, Cobbs Island Va. Two piece carving with separations in the wood. Appears over 100 years old with dry paint, chips and worn gunning use. Cameron shared with me that this was the first Cobb style he made . He made this in South Carolina in 1987 as part of his personal gunning rig. Sold.
Grayson Chesser Hollow original gunning Brant by Grayson Chesser, Holden Creek, VA. Approx 17 inches bill to tail, with a nicely carved bill with mandible. Glass eyes with fine Chesser paint and raised primaries. Carved "C" under tail and rigged for use. Grayson's decoys are highly sought after. Sold.
Ira Skees Outstanding Dudley style "dollar duck" by Ira Skees,Onancock,VA. This drake Ruddy duck exhibits Ira's keen eye to detail in appearance and form. Great replica of a classic decoy. I. Skees carved in bottom and rigged with leather strap and flat lead weight. Sold.
Bill Gibian Black Bellied Plover by William Gibian, Eastern Shore of VA. Mr. Gibian's work is highly sought after and collected. The bill is inserted through the back of the head , the head is turned to the left about 40 degrees. This carving by Mr. Gibian is Sold.
Grayson Chesser Teal pair, Grayson Chesser , Holden Creek, Va. Content and confident teal. Grayson's outstanding hunting decoys carved from solid cedar wood and painted in the traditional manner. Ready for the water or the shelf. A neat pair for any collector or gunner. Sold.
Grayson Chesser Full-sized Canada Goose by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. Two piece hollow carved and painted in Grayson's gunning pattern. Grayson makes his decoys "The Century Old Way" for his gunning club and personal use. Carved "C" in bottom, Goose measures 27 inches in length. Sold.
Cigar daisey Delbert "Cigar" Daisey Black Duck hen. "Cigar" ,born and lives on his native Chincoteague Island,VA. A legend gunner, trapper, and decoy maker. This mint Black Duck made in the 1990's was carved from solid Cotton wood/Paulownia wood . "Cigar" branded in keel and signed. Sold.
Lloyd Tyler
Curlew, Lloyd Tyler, Crisfield, MD (1898-1970). Circa 1950’s, scratched painting with slight shrinkage and minor paint loss.  Henry Stansbury’s book on Tyler has other examples on page 69. A great looking Crisfield School piece of Folk Art measures about 14 inches from bill to tail. Sold.
Ronald Justis Gunning Black Duck by Ronald Justis. Hollow body with slight raised primary feather carving. This hen, has thick oil paint on the head that really accentuates this decoy. 'R.J." carved under tail, signed by maker and cornbread mold weight. Ronald's decoys vary from gunning styles to classic sculptures. (Note Ronald & his Shore Bird on the home page). Sold.
OLiver Lawson Blue Winged Teal pair by Crisfield, MD's Oliver Lawson. This pair is done similar to the Ward Brothers 1936 model. Carved from cedar and painted in Mr. Lawson's outstanding manner. This pair is in mint condition and not dated. A unique pair by Mr. Lawson. Sold.
Brian Piccirillo Full-sized hollow two piece carved Mallard drake by Brian Piccirillo formerly of Stratford, CT. Painted in oils and finished with a antique appearance. This decoy measures 17 inches bill to tail. BP carved in underside as shown. Fantastic head carved disposition. This carving Sold
Ronald  Justis Decorative Yellowlegs by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, VA. Outstanding sculpture and paint by Ronald who is taking his carving to another level. The wing and turned head bring this bird to life. R J carved under tail and signed. Creative base has sand and pebbles for Yellowlegs to stand.Sold.
Ira Skees

Neat pair of Buffleheads by Ira Skees, Onancock, Virginia.These "dippers" measure about 8 inches long and are thin, flat bottomed with a keel. The finely artistic shaped head is incised into the body as most of Ira's birds tend to be (a characteristic of his Cobb and Hogg Island decoy roots). Ira painted this pair with oils and applied approx. 7 layers of paint and finish. Sold.

George Strunk Classic Delaware River Mallards by George Strunk of Glendora, NJ., only a "stones-throw" from the Delaware River.Made in 1996 and so signed. . He makes and floats his birds as if for his own gunning rig. George learned from Jamie Hand, Goshen, NJ. who learned from Hurley Conklin. Note small shelf rub on hen's tail feather. Sold.
Ronald Justis Back preening Dunlin by Chincoteague VA's, Ronald Justis. Ronald is purist who relates to the old Chincoteague “Masters”. This shore bird is carved out of cedar wood and painted in oils. The feathering detail on the neck has a life-like appearance as this Dunlin turns her head. RJ carved under tail. Sold.
J. Corb Reed James Corbett Reed (1897-1983) Chincoteague, VA. "Bull" Canvasback drake carved from red cedar and painted in Corb's "mysterious" pattern. Stipple technique is a mystery he took to his grave. Signed, dated and stamped 1980. This Corb Reed decoy Sold.
Oliver Lawson Full size ( approx. 30 inches long) Canada Goose by Oliver Lawson from Crisfield, Maryland. Very rare to find a Goose, let alone, in a swimming and hissing posture. This carving is hollow and two pieces from cedar wood. Mr. Lawson's outstanding oil painting technique brings life to this sculpture. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Green Winged Teal pair from 1969 by Chincoteague Island's "Cigar" Daisey. Fantastic two piece hollow carved Teal with round bodies. Comb painting on drake and great 40 year old mellow patina. Branded Cigar and "ELW" ( previous owner). Signed and dated . Sold.
Mark McNair
Artistic tucked bill Black duck by Mark McNair. According to Mark, he has only made three in this style.Bottom board is attached adding to the creative expression. Classic raised wings with carved primary feathers add to this creation
Sold .
Ronald Justis Life-size (15 inches) hollow Brant by Ronald Justis of Chincoteague Island, VA. This Brant in Ronald's antique style has a mellow, worn patina. Ronald's creative carving and paint styles continue to evolve. Ronald's trademark corn bread mold lead weight adds to the old gunning look. Sold.
Mark McNair Ruddy Duck in the style of Lem Dudley,North Carolina by Mark McNair. This "dollar duck" was made about 10 years ago and is a classic example of a Dudley Ruddy. Mark's outstanding replica gives the appearance of a hundred year Dudley.This example by Mark, Sold.
Brian Piccirillo Black Duck sleeper by Brian Piccirillo formerly from Stratford, CT. Hollow carved with Brian's outstanding classic oil painting. A New England style with a strong McNair and McIntyre influence. My pictures do not do this bird justice. Sold
Bill Gibian Eskimo Curlew on a walnut base by William Gibian of Onancock, VA. The layered feathers with raised or relieved wings and primaries are an outstanding example of Mr Gibian's talents. His painting brings this Curlew to life. Sold
Ronald Justis Classic gunning Pintail by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague,VA. Two piece hollow cedar carving, painted in thick oils and rubbed for effect as an antique decoy. Ronald's initials are carved under tail. Ronald has been carving since 1983 and his decoys are gaining popularity as he becomes a classic Chincoteague carver. Sold.
Llloyd Sterling Bufflehead "Butterball" Pair dated December 1962 by J. Lloyd Sterling. A great pair of decoys by one of Crisfield's prolific makers. The Sterling linage goes back at least 300 years to Somerset County, MD as some of the first English settlers to the Chesapeake Bay area. Sold.
Joe Kralic Superb hen Pintail by Joseph Kralic of Stratford,CT. Elegant full-sized sculpture painted in oils by Joe. Joe's outstanding wet-on-wet paint technique is on full display with this hen. The feathering and facial expression bring life to this carving. Joe only carves about dozen birds a year and demand is increasing. This pintail Sold.
Grayson Chesser Life like gunning Merganser pair by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. Solid carved bodies rigged for hunting and Grayson's "C" carved in bottom. Drake measures 19 inches in length ,hen measures 14 inches in length .Grayson makes his decoys "The Century Old Way", for his hunting guide business.Sold.
Ronald Justis "Chicken Duck" (Coot) by Ronald Justis Chincoteague,VA. Simplistic cedar-carved Coot by Ronald, finished in an antique contemporary style which is one of Ronald's varying styles of painting. This example Sold.


Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield, MD. Green Winged Teal Circa 1960. This half-sized, 8 inches long, Teal is in original dry paint and has a cedar head and inserted cedar tail. This outstanding decoy by Lem and Steve is a great addition to any decoy collection. Sold.

Don Briddlell Eight inch Widgeon pair by Donnie Briddell from 1961. Don made these when he was about 15 years old and growing up in Crisfield, MD. where he learned under Lem and Steve Ward. An outstanding artist who retains the "Crisfield school style" . Sold.
Joe Kralic Widgeon Pair by Joe Kralic of Conn. This pair by Joe demonstrates his great "wet on wet" paint technique. The blending of his oil paint give a life-like appearence. Application and drying time takes weeks but the end result is worth the wait. Sold.
Ronald Justis "Cannon Ball" Ruddy Duck by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague,VA. Cedar carved and painted with oils in Ronald's outstanding style. This Ruddy measures about 10 inches bill to tail. Ronald's trademark brand and cornbread mold weight are with his signature. Sold
Oliver Lawson Pintail pair signed and dated 1989 by Oliver Lawson,Crisfield, MD. Carved from cedar and painted by the highly respected Mr. Lawson.A gunning decoy without a keel. These decoys are made for gunning. You can see the detail and quality that goes into his decoys. This is the last pair of eight that I have to offer. Sold.
Dan Brown Bufflehead Drake by Dan Brown, Salisbury, Maryland  Circa 1970. Original condition gunning decoy. This decoy is carved from a solid piece of cedar. Painted in oils in the Crisfield style that Mr. Brown identified with. Dan was close friends with Lem and Steve Ward and was one of the original founders of the Ward Museum Sold.
Ross Smoker Yellow Shafted Flicker, common to the North East. Ice pick for mounting. Ward style.Made by Ross Smoker. He enjoys teaching wood carving to students at the Ward Museum, Windward Studio, and near his home in Selinsgrove, PA. This Flicker Sold.
Grayson Chesser Preening gunning pair of Mallards by Grayson Chesser of Jenkins Bridge, Va. Outstanding decoys with raised wing carving. Grayson first started making decoys in the 1960's when he turned to the likes of Lloyd Tyler of Crisfield, MD, and Chincoteague, Va. makers "Cigar" Daisey and Miles Hancock. This pair is carved with Grayson’s signature “ C” . Great Mallard pair from a legend decoy maker and gunner. Sold.
Ronald Justis Beautiful preening Dunlin by Chincoteague VA's, Ronald Justis. This shore bird is carved out of cedar wood and painted in oils. The feathering detail on the neck has a life-like appearance as this Dunlin turns her head. From base to top of head Ronald's creation measures approx 9 inches tall. RJ carved under tail. Sold.
Miles Hancock Miles Hancock Chincoteague Island , VA. Bufflehead pair circa 1940's,50's. Carved from cotton wood and very similar to the pair on page 17, figure 8 in the 1981 book " Chincoteague Carvers and Their Decoys " by Berkey. Structure is outstanding for this old gunning pair. Sold.
ronald_justis Dowitcher in preening pose by Ronald Justis of Chincoteague, VA . Ronald has carved his initials under the tail. Ronald's mentor and close friend "Cigar" Daisey spent hours teaching Ronald when he was a young teenager. This Dowitcher Sold.
brian_piccirillo A Hudson style yellowlegs by Brian Piccirillo. Oversized and carved from Basswood in one piece. For more information on Brian, see page 32 in the Sept-Oct. issue of "Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine" written by Rod Taylor. “BP” branded on bottom of stands.Sold.
Ross Smoker Trio of woodpecker carvings by Ross Smoker, PA. Outstanding painting bring life to these pieces of wood.Sold.
Ronald Justis Swimming Red Breasted Merganser by Ronald Justis of Chincoteague Island, Va. Solid body carved decoy with horse hair comb. Weighted with his traditional "corn bread" mold from his grandmother and signed. Decoy measures approx. 18 in. This decoy is only Sold.
Ronald Justis Hen Black Duck by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague Island, VA. Outstanding hollow carved decoy with a 2009 penny inside and his trademark "corn bread mold" weight. Note Ronald's detailed painting with oils and slightly raised wings. This carving Sold.
Large Wood Duck hen by Brian Piccirillo, Miami, Fl.  This decoy, carved from cedar, is a three piece body slightly hollowed with an inletted head. Brian’s dry and mellow patina with paint chips and lifting of wood gives this decoy a well gunned and aged appearance. Sold.
J. Corb Reed Preening Canvasback hen by James "Corb" Reed of Chincoteague, Va.
The wings have been highlighted by carving and outstanding painting. This hen decoy by "Corb" is signed stamped and dated 1977. A special decoy by Mr. Reed who passed away in the mid 1980's. Sold.
Reggie Birch Reggie Birch is from Chincoteague,Va. Reggie is not just a decoy carver, he is a master craftsman. Everyone should have at least one piece of his art. This pair Sold.
Rich Smoker Outstanding  Hudsonian Godwit by Rich Smoker, Somerset County, MD. This Godwit has warm,smooth and blended paint. Carved from White Pine and mounted on a African mahogany base. Rich is a regular winner in the Ward World Championships held in April. Sold .
Oliver Lawson Barrows Golden Eye pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. A rare species by Mr. Lawson ,this pair signed and dated 1981. Carved from cedar and painted with oils- these were gunning birds without a keel / ballast weight. A rare find for almost thirty years old. Sold.
Reggie Birch Red Breasted Merganser pair by Reggie Birch, Chincoteague,VA. A full-sized carving, approximately 17 inches long, by one of the most popular contemporary makers today. Reggie is a purist and traces his ancestors to some of the first settlers on Chincoteague. This pair, signed and dated 1982. Sold
Grayson Chesser Gunning pair of Wood Ducks by Grayson Chesser of Jenkins Bridge, Va. Outstanding preening decoys with raised wing carving. Grayson first started making decoys in the 1960's when he turned to the likes of Lloyd Tyler of Crisfield,Md, and Chincoteague, Va. makers "Cigar" Daisey and Miles Hancock. Sold.
Paul Gibson Scaupe/bluebill/blackhead pair signed,dated,unweighted by Paul Gibson, Havre DE Grace, MD. 1975. Gibson a friend and maker with R. Madison Mitchell was born in 1902 and passed in 1985. In 1941 Paul purchased Madison Mitchell's duplicating lathe for making bodies which he used until his death. Sold.
Danny Marshall "Pocomoke Sound" Bluebill pair by Danny Marshall, Chincoteague Island, VA.Full size cedar decoys made and painted in the Crisfield,MD School style. Mr. Marshall grew up near Saxis,VA across the Pocomoke Sound from Crisfield. Sold.
Mark McNair

An outstanding sculpture by Mark McNair. This goose carving by Mark was influenced by Walter Brady of Oyster,Va. If you don't own a fine Brady goose, this would be a great addition to your collection for only Sold.

Miles Hancock Mr Miles Hancock,Chincoteague,VA. The larger measures about 12 inches bill to tail and has overlapping raised primary feathers. This mallard was made in 1970. Mr Miles started making these mini's late in his life when his hands and sight began to fail him. Mr Miles passed in 1974. Sold.
Cigar Daisey Hooded Merganser by "Cigar" Daisey. Carved in the early 1960's from Cottonwood. Approx. 12 inches long, branded and recently signed by Mr. Daisey. This rare decoy is life size and in great condition. Sold
Mark McNair Semipalmated Plover by Mark McNair. This Plover by Mark was created in 2005 and very few were made.  McNair is carved in the underside of the Plover. This unique carving by Mark McNair Sold .
Joe Kralic A special Bluebill by Joe Kralic, of Shelton, Conn. This beautiful hollow two piece decoy has a fantastic preening pose. You can almost see this drake picking and lifting his feathers too dry. Joe's painting technique is a slow layered process. You can almost see the bird come to life. Sold.
Joe Kralic Old Squaw hen by Connecticut carver and painter Joe Kralic. Joe has had 50 years of refining his style as this decoy shows. He applies layers of wet on wet oil paint to blend a thick feathered appearance. Joe's unique style is on display in his upcoming article in the magazine "Hunting & Fishing Collectibles". Sold .
Mark McNair
Yellowlegs by Mark McNair. This outstanding carving is one of 13 conceived and created at Island Neck, a point of land in view of the Chesapeake Bay near Mark's home. Upland and water birds seek refuge in this outdoor studio. Sold.
Brian Piccirillo Beautiful Black Duck in the Stratford School style by Brian Piccirillo. Brian made this large decoy from cedar that has been hollowed. The elegant yet life like painting has been done in oils. Relief carving has been done on the tail and speculum feathers. Brian makes decoys in a life like manner as well as antiqued contemporary style. Sold.
Oliver Lawson Red Head pair signed and dated 1989 by Oliver "Tuts" Lawson, Crisfield, MD. Mr. Lawson started carving decoys about 1948 at the side of Lem and Steve Ward. Mr. Lawson knew the Ward brothers better than any one alive today. Carved from cedar and pained in oils this pair is a standard size Red Head. Sold.
Cigar daisey Rare (1 of 12 only) Grebe by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey of Chincoteague Island. Life size, 8 inches, distinctive decoy carving from cedar and painted in Mr. Daisey's personal pattern. Nice wing carving on the back, branded and signed. Sold
Joe Kralic Black Duck by Joe Kralic of Shelton, CT. Large hollow, decoy with exceptional wet on wet thick oil paint. Three layers of oils give Joe's decoys a texture and depth which is rare due to the time for painting and drying. This wonderful example. Sold
Oliver Lawson Pintail gunning pair by the Crisfield MD master, Oliver Lawson. Outstanding painting details which border as decorative for many makers. However Mr. Lawson uses accurate life like detail for his hunting decoys. Patina has flat and dry appearance as a gunning bird should.This pair Sold.
Miles Hancock Mr. Miles Hancock (1888-1974) Chincoteague Island, Va. Miniature signed and dated 1973. February, 1974 was the last decoy Mr. Miles made before his passing. Very nice little carving as Mr. Miles' eyes were bad and his hands arthritic. A special miniture to own for a reasonable price. Sold.
Ira Skees VA Ruddy Duck by Ira Skees. Two piece hollow carving rigged for gunning and branded I Skees. This bird won first place in 2006 Ward World Championship Carving Competition for Antique Contemporary category and third place in Division. Fantastic patina gives this decoy a 100 year old gunning look. Sold.
Rich Smoker A study for form and function of a 1936 model Shoveler by Rich Smoker. Rich  regularlly enters and wins at the Ward World Championship Competition held each April in Ocean City, Md. An example of this Shoveler is in "Timeless Treasures" pg. 56. Sold.
Mark McNair

One of two Merganser decoys made in this style by Mark McNair. 18 inches long bill to tail and made from white cedar and hollowed. The crest is made of leather and McNair is carved into the bottom. Great patina with carved wings, a must have for only Sold.

Oliver Lawson A miniature, 8 inches long , just under 5 inches tall Canada Goose by Oliver Lawson. This goose is a higher quality grade than the miniatures he made for " The Duck House" in Rumbley, MD. Mr. Lawson was making a few decoys for select customers at this time and was adding more detail than the standard grade he had been producing for Ms. Elizabeth Hall. Sold
Ronald Justis Blue Bill pair by Ronald Justis, Chincotague Island, VA. This pair of realistic size scaupe have a resemblance to the great Hudson "Football" style. Ronald uses his grandmother's corn bread mold to make his weigths. In 2007 he won Best IN Show for his Gadwall Drake in prestigious " Lem & Steve Ward Shooting Competion". Sold
Cigar Daisey Outstanding and rare, breast preener yellowlegs shorebird by
"Cigar" circa 1980's.
Stamped and signed by Mr. Daisey. Sold
Mark McNair Large Tern, 17 inches long by Mark McNair. Mark's New England craftsman roots are evident with his pegged wing attachment. The width of this shorebird is approx. 4 inches across the center. Bill is inserted through back of head. Mark carved this Tern when he lived on the seaside in Modestown, VA. and regularly visited the barrier islands to observe wildfowl. Sold
Cigar Daisey Early vintage Ira Hudson "football" style dipper by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey. This 1960 solid body bufflehead has tack eyes, ballast weight and a fluted paddle tail. Two small age cracks in wood do not detract. Dry original paint with some flaking. Note Henry Stansbury's book on Ira Hudson, page 81 for a reference. Rare decoy by one of our great Virginia makers. Sold
Cigar Daisey Outstanding Yellowlegs in back preening pose by "Cigar". Circa 1990. This unique shorebird is stamped and signed by Mr. Daisey. Sold
Joe Kralic Joe Kralic at his best with this outstanding Mallard Decoy. Joe's painting is one the best with wet-on-wet oil painting giving the bird feathering depth. This is a hollow full sized decoy carved from cedar. This example. Sold
Art Kilmon Widgeon/baldpate gunning decoy by Art Kilmon, Pocomoke, MD signed and dated 1988. Outstanding scratch paint raised wing feathering on back.Bird measures 12 inches breast to tail. Mr. Kilmon is well thought of by local artists such as Mark McNair. Art does not carve anymore and finding his decoys in mint condition is rare. Sold.
Lloyd Tyler Lloyd Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield MD. Blue Bill Drake circa 1930's. Dry and flat original paint worn to bare wood in spots. Note the painted eyes which are barely visible and identify and old gunning decoy. This large and wide Crisfield/Chesapeake Bay gunner weighs about 3 pounds and is 7.25 inches wide at the hips and made for wide open water.Old nail repair sticking out of neck. Sold.
Ronald Justis Preening Pintail in the style of Elmer Crowell by Ronald Justis of Chincoteague,VA. This beautiful decoy by Ronald is carved from cedar and hollowed out with a penny inside. Painted in oils and measures 15 inches breast to tail. The bill does not touch the back and is signed and branded by Ronald. Balest weight is lead from Ronald's grandmother's corn bread mold. Sold
David Carroll Black Duck (hen) sleeper by David Carroll of Chestertown, MD. Outstanding details on this gunning decoy. Note the bill does not touch the back. David learned from Mr. Charles "Speed" Joiner and was a good student .Length from breast to tail is 14 inches. Sold.
 Oliver Lawson 1989 Wood Duck pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. This pair is in mint condition and has been stored for nearly 20 years by the collector who purchased them directly from Mr. Lawson in 1989. Carved from cedar and has a convex- raised back.  Outstanding paint and observe the detail on the hen.  Mr. Lawson paints the prettiest hen decoys.  This is full sized pair. Sold
Lloyd Tyler A slightly diminutive, 11 inches long by 8 inches tall, standing Widgeon hen by Lloyd J. Tyler (1898-1970) of Crisfield, MD. A true Folk Art decoy. See Henry Stansbury's reference book Lloyd J. Tyler , Folk Artist, Decoy Maker. Pages 9,38,67 show similar examples by Tyler. Under the base reads "Lloyd Tyler Crisfield MD Circa 1930's female widgeon" Sold.
Cigar DaiseyCigar Daisey Yellow Legs by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey of Chincoteague Island , VA. Standard size shorebirds . Shorebirds are signed and branded, "Cigar ". Sold.
Miles Hancock Bufflehead pair by Miles Hancock (1888-1974). Mr. Hancock started carving decoys in the 1920's. This pair of gunning 'coys were from the collection of Walt Oler. This exact pair are included in the Berkey's 1981 book, " Chincoteaque Carvers and Their Decoys" page 17, figure 8. Sold.
Dan Brown Full size Mallard pair by Dan Brown, Salisbury, Maryland 1965. This pair is carved from balsa wood with a cedar head and cedar inserted tail. Painted in oils and mint original condition with a mellow 43 year old patina . Dan was close friends with Lem and Steve Ward and was one of the original founders of the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. Sold
Oliver Lawson 1987 Baldpate full-sized gunning pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. This pair is in mint condition and has been stored for nearly 20 years by the collector who purchased them directly from Mr. Lawson in 1987. Sold
Rich Smoker Ward World winner, Rich Smoker and his Red Breasted Merganser in courtship pose. This "Down East"esk Maine style is painted with 4 layers of oils. Rich inserted black china bristle (hogs hair) into the back of the head for a more life-like crest. Decoy is 9.5 inches tall at the top of head. A great opportunity to own a world class makers decoy Sold .
Ira Skees A Virginia, Cobb Island gunning pintail by Ira Skees. This large, hollow two piece with no seems showing decoy measures 17- 18 inches long . Branded I. Skees and from the former collection of Lars Crispman and numbered 103.Ira ,a world championship award winning decoy maker who creates an outstanding blend of contemporary and antiquity. Sold .
Grayson Chesser Gunning Mallard pair by Grayson Chesser of Holden Creek Virginia. Outstanding comb or scratch paint on drake and vibrant feathering on hen. A true sturdy built Virginia gunning decoy by the purist, Chesser. Grayson's brand and signature are on the bottom and dated 2003. Sold
Ian McNair Knotts Island, North Carolina Ruddy Duck by Ian McNair. Ian's influence on the popular N.C. Ruddy is on display with the upswept tail. I McNair, branded under tail. This ruddy measures about 10.5 inches breast to tail. Sold
Joe Kralic Black Duck flier by Connecticut artist Joe Kralic. Joe's creative genius is on full display here as his delicate sculpture demonstrates. His layers of thick wet on wet blending using oil paints provides a combination of sculpture and paint to create this magnificent piece of art. Joe was recently featured in Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine. Sold
Grayson Chesser
Pintail pair circa 1993 by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge, VA. Made to be hunted over as expressed in Grayson's book Making Decoys the Century Old Way. Grayson has been making decoys since 1960. He first sought the assistance of Lloyd Tyler of Crisfield, Cigar Daisy and Miles Hancock from Chincoteague. It was Mr. Miles who apprenticed the young Grayson. Sold
Ira Skees
2006 Ruddy Duck in the style of Lee Dudley, Knott's Island, NC. An outstanding carving by Ira Skees of Onancock Creek, Va. The original Ruddy is estimated to sell at auction for $160,000... Sold.

Rich Smoker
Blue Winged Teal by Rich Smoker of Marion Station, MD in Somerset County. This decoy was gunned over in the early season as the Teal came through Chesapeake Bay country.
A Ward World Championship Wildfowl carver. Sold
Miles Hancock
Miles Hancock,mint pair of buffleheads ( dippers ). Tack eyes still in paint, cottonwood construction, measures about 12 inches long x 5 inches wide. Hen is missing ballast weight ,great collectible Hancock's for only Sold.
Brian Piccrillo
Brian Picirrillo vintage Ruddy Duck. Large 12 inches long decoy slightly hollowed two piece body. Not rigged for gunning but rides the water nicely. Brian's outstanding carvings are gaining popularity. His influences are Cameron McIntyre, Shang Wheeler,Joe Kralic, Ira Hudson, an impressive list. Sold
Miles Hancock
Miles Hancock (1888-1974), circa 1940 Red Breasted Merganser approx. 15 inches bill to tail. Original paint with tack eyes and scratch paint to the back. Crest is in good condition.Outstanding Chincoteague gunning decoy. Sold
Mark McNair
Rare life size goose by Mark McNair. Hollow two piece construction with Mark's one of a kind painting. The bill has been inserted from the back of the head,note the fine space between the bill and head. Made on Currituck Creek off the Chesapeake Bay and so signed and branded . Mark put a wine cork inside. Sold
David Carroll
Outstanding Kent County, MD. wood duck by David Carroll. Rigged for gunning in the Upper Chesapeake Bay tradition. Vibrant male wood duck colors on this full size bird. David learned from Mr. Charles "Speed" Joiner and was a good student. Sold
Ira Skees
Redhead by Ira Skees, Eastern Shore of VA. Ira won first place in the 2007 Chesapeake Wildfowl Expo with his contemporary antique Canvasback (19 entered). This hollow Redhead, carved in a Cobb Island style looks to have been gunned over for years. Branded
I Skees. Sold.
Mark McNair
Curlew shore bird by Mark McNair, 2007. Mark’s unique style of carving and painting aged to look a century old. This Curlew has raised wing carvings and an oak bill inserted into the head. Stands on a very nice signed walnut base, and branded by Mark. Sold.
Miles Hancock
Miles Hancock 6 inch long Canada Goose,signed and dated 1967. Mr. Miles made these in his later years ( passed away in 1974). Highly sought after and becoming more and more hard to acquire. Prices have started to escalate in the last few years . Sold
Ira Skees
Hogg Island, Va. and Walter Brady influenced Black Duck by Ira Skees of Onancock Creek. This large, 16 inches long and 8 inches tall decoy is branded by Ira and is priced to move. Ira won the 2007 Ward World Championship Wildfow Carving Best in Division, Contemporary Antique with his hooded mergansers. Sold
Ira Skees
Oyster Catcher shore bird "flattie" pair. Made in vintage style with wings pegged to the body. Bills are oak and inserted from back of head. Birds measure appox. 13-14 inches from bill to tail. These primitive "oyster catchers" were made by Eastern Shore of Virginia carver/maker Ira Skees. Sold
Olive Lawson
Pair of hollow Shoveller's by Oliver Lawson. This pair is made of cedar and the halves are pegged together from the base . Sold.
Brian Piccirillo
Brian Piccirillo canvasback drake with outstanding carved feathers and overlapping right wing primary. Brian learned from his friend Joe Kralic up in Connecticut and admires the work of Ira Hudson, The Ward Brothers and Cameron McIntyre. Sold
Oliver Lawson
"1 of 12 from my hunting rig, Tuts Lawson, 1969". Gunning Canvasback made from balsa wood with a bottom board. Mr. Lawson sold this decoy to his good friend and avid Crisfield collector, DR. Mort Kramer and so branded. Sold.
Rich Smoker
Common Loon in swimming posture by Rich Smoker, Marion, MD. Approximately 16 inches long. Fantastic iridescent green paint on head with finely carved bill. Sold.
Mark McNair
Mark McNair yellowlegs branded and dated 1977. This 30 year old shorebird was last seen by Mark when he sold it to a collector from California. A great early decoy by one of the world's best. Slight raised wing carving and a great patina on this rare example. Sold.
Oliver Lawson
Eight inch pintail hen made for the Duck House in Rumbley, MD in 1960 by Oliver "Tuts" Lawson of Crisfield, MD. This decoy is in mint condition other than a small stress fracture in the base of the neck. Head is tight. Detailed paint pattern for hen Sold. 
Joe Kralic
Stratford School Yellow Legs shorebird by Connecticut artist Joe Kralic. This preening Yellow Legs stands 13 inches tall on realistic legs. Mr. Kralic has been carving for about 50 years and has been influenced by the likes of: Gus Wilson, Elmer Crowell, Henry Tuttle and the Ward Brothers. This shorebird has a very interesting form with depth from layers of thick wet on wet blending using oil paints Sold .
William Gibian
Eastern Shore of Virginia Robin Snipe/Red Knott by William Gibian. approximately nine inches long and rests on a walnut base/stand. Fine carving and painting achieved by Mr. Gibian give this Red Knott a classic quality Sold .
Richard Belote
Beautiful large curlew from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Created by Richard Belote, and so branded, of Willis Wharf, VA. Willis Wharf is located on the seaside, between Chincoteague and Hogg/Cobb Island Sold .
Oliver Lawson
1959 mini green winged teal pair. Excellent matched pair from The Duck House. Very rare species, made and painted by Oliver Lawson of Crisfield, MD. Note the crest, in mint condition Sold .
Cigar Daisey
"Cigar" Daisey gunning Ruddy Duck pair. Mint condition Sold .  
Grayson Chesser
Canvasback Pair, Grayson Chesser, Eastern Shore, VA- Hunting decoys that are ready for action- singed, dated and stamped by a great traditional artist. Nice scratch painting and a great buy for a Chesser mint condition pair Sold .
Eldredge Tyler
Bluebill,blackhead,scaupe,Eldridge Tyler (Byrdtown) Crisfield, MD. Lloyd Tyler's hunting partner and cousin. Eldridge died about 1996-1997 while in his 90s.His decoys have become highly collectible and scarce. Tyler's creations are drying-up fast. I know of about a dozen " not for sale", yet! Sold .
Lloyd Tyler
Outstanding "long billed" curlew from Crisfield, MD . This curlew has been in a private collection since it was purchased in 1960 from J. Lloyd Tyler. There are opinions that Tyler himself made this and there are opinions that Sherm Jones made it and his friend Lloyd Tyler did the selling. There are similar examples in Henry Stansbury's book entitled J. Lloyd Tyler Folk Artist. Note the birds on page 47, the goose on page 48,the black duck on page 51and others on pages 89 and 106.This curlew measures 16 inches bill to tail with the bill length of 5.5 inches. Sold .
Cameron McIntyre
Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, Va. Canada Goose made in 2000 and inspired by great Canadian makers like George Warin. In 1999,Cameron was fortunate to be invited to hunt at the famous Long Point Gunning Club in Ontario,Canada. This private 16,000 acre marsh utililizes hundred year old wooden decoys to gun over and this experience led Cameron to create this goose. Made from 200 year old white ceder and hollowed to a "thin shell"it weighs only a few pounds. Sold .
Brian Piccirrillo
"Vintage" preening blue wing teal by Brian Piccirillo. A hollow 2 piece body with upswept breast common to the Stratford Conn. style. Brian, originally from Connecticut, now resides in the South. Shang Wheeler and the Stratford school are big influences that Brian relies on to create his own form. Cameron McIntyre's style is one of Brian's favorites. Sold .
Mark McNair
Great yellowlegs shorebird sculpture standing on a walnut base by Mark McNair. Outstanding contrast in color tones on this yellowlegs with an inserted bill from the back of the head and tack eyes. Paint patterns and details give this shorebird a unique look. Sold
Brian Picirrillo
Black bellied Plover in the Bowman style by Brian Piccirillo. This Plover measures 13 inches , bill to tail. Slight raised-wing carving with two holes for two standing postures (see pictures above). Initials are carved in driftwood base.The buyer of this "BP" plover will be given first option to purchase second and or third Plovers for a set when available. Brian is a great talent and appreciates the best makers past and present. Sold
Lloyd Tyler
Full sized standing widgeon drake, circa. 1930's. Similar to the one pictured in color on page 38 in the Stansbury reference book Lloyd Tyler- Folk Artist - Decoy Maker. Outstanding original paint and condition. Note the pencil outlines used to aid in the paint pattern. Excellent Crisfield, MD.  folk-art. Sold
Mark McNair
Pair of 4 year old Terns by Mark McNair. One bird measures 12 inches bill to tail and the other measures 15 inches to tail.The larger Tern has bill made of bone in the New England tradition. Driftwood base included or two standard stands, your choice. Both have Mark's carved brand on the underside. Sold
Doug Jester
S. Douglass Jester (1876-1961) circa 1940 “hairyhead”/merganser. Measures 12 inches in length.  Original paint, dry with minor wear. Note, the downward slope of the back toward the neck, this feature is prominent on Jester’s older decoys.  A minor repair to underside of bill by Reg Birch. A great Chincoteague decoy to own.Sold
Colin McNair
Colin McNair's hollow carved, gunning style, American Merganser. Made from red and white cedar. " The apple didn't fall far from the tree" here as Colin certainly has the eye and talent like his father, Mark. The details on the bill and wing patterns are awsome. Sold
Oliver Lawson
Wonderful matched pair of bufflehead decoys by Oliver Lawson. Dippers are a tough duck to shoot as they fly fast and flutter just over the water and are small. Note Mr Lawson's incredible gunning paint patterns and green,blue iridescence colors on the side of the drakes head. A fairly rare species by Oliver made from white cedar. Sold.
Oliver Lawson
1936 Ward Bro's. style Green wing Teal pair by Oliver Lawson. An excellent copy by "Tuts" of his close friend's and mentors, Lem and Steve's most sought after style. To find a mint pair of 36 teal would be rare indeed and then you would probably have to pay $40,000 plus. Many a Ward Bro's. decoy is in Lawson paint or repaint. This original pair is only Sold.
Drake pintail in the "Crisfield style" made in 1961 by then 40 year old Charles Joiner from Betterton, MD. Made from balsa wood and shows a few small dings and scratches. A very rare creation by the legendary Mr. "Speed" Joiner. Obviously, a must have piece for any Chesapeake Bay collector. Bird measures 6 inches, breast to tail feather. Sold
Ronald Justice
Looks like the classic Elmer Crowell that recently sold for approx. $825,000 (with fees) Note this reproduction by Ronald Justice of Chincoteague, VA. Ronald has won awards at various decoy festivals and competitions. A real up and coming decoy maker who learned under Delbert" Cigar" Daisey. Ronald even signed his black bellied plover under the tail as Mr.Crowell did the original. Sold
Rich Smoker

Rich Smoker pintail drake. Rich lives near Crisfield, MD and creates from his work shop over looking the Big Annemessex River. Rich has been carving wildfowl for almost 40 years. Rich has judged many competitions and uses his decoys in his gunning rig. Rich's carving style has evolved and is still evolving to stisfy himself as well as his many customers. This pintail Sold

Doug Jester
This is a decoy from another Chincoteague ,Virginia carver ,Doug Jester. As you can see this black duck is branded "PPGC". A collector from Tennessee emailed to inform me that he owns a similar bird with this brand and he believes the brand is from near Onancock, VA and represents " Point Pleasant Gun Club".This is a great old branded decoy that enhances its history . The bird is approximately 16 inches long and 6 inches wide. Sold .
Bill Gibian
Wonderful "bill in breast" preening yellowlegs by William Gibian from Virginia's Eastern Shore. Mr. Gibian started carving about 1980 and is best known for his shorebirds. Note the three dimensional form and detailed feather carving . The picture does not do this bird justice. Sold.
Cigar Daisey
In 1969 Cigar said he traded this winter plumage yellowlegs to a collector from Chicago for his D.U. Remington Wingmaster shotgun. Cigar signed this bird and dated it just a couple of weeks ago.The yellowlegs measures approx.11 inches log bill to tail. I have never seen a winter paint job so I guess Cigar was doing something different for the Chincoteague D.U. dinner that year.This old yellowlegs is Sold
Miles Hancock
Miles Hancock Chincoteague, Va. Large ( almost 14 inches long x 6 inches wide) . Scaupe Drake. Two piece cedar construction. Original dry paint, possible bill repair near mandible. Tack eyes. Sold
Cigar Daisey
Gunning Green Winged Teal by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, signed and dated 1965. This classic mint decoy is approx. 11 inches long and is a two piece hollow construction with the seam a half inch from the bottom. Cigar recently viewed this teal and shared his memories as this was one of 13 he made,keeping a preening hen as a gift for his wife. Cigar said about 1966 BILL MACKEY and a friend visited him and the friend bought the remaining rig of 12. Sold
Donnie Briddlle
Miniature wigeon-baldpate circa 1970 from Crisfield MD. A nice 5 inch decorative baldpate with raised wing carving and angular tail carving .Made by Don Bridell who learned under Lem and Steve Ward.  I am not sure which Tyler worked on this decoy but Don taught a lot of kids to carve and paint around 1970. Very nice Crisfield style. Sold
Mark McNair
Mark McNair, New England style yellow leg with raised wing carving and inleted bill inserted from the back of the head. This wonderful example by Mark measures 13 inches, bill to tail and rests on a walnut base signed by mark McNair. Sold
 Click to enlarge Crisfield Shore Bird
Shore bird, curlew,1940’s or early 1950's . Great look with scratched painting . Crisfield ,MD influence. Lloyd Tyler style or possible Sherman Jones who collaborated with Tyler or a Mr. Matthews of near by Pocomoke City, MD. Either way, this is an excellent piece of folk art carving. Sold
Will Mason
Scaupe hen circa 1940, Will Mason, Eastern Shore, VA. Near mint, probably never rigged or gunned. Mr. Mason passed about 1960. His work is very similar to the decoys made by Lou Birch of Chincoteague. Many a Mason decoy has been confused for Lou Birch's. Will Mason’s decoys are scarce and rare and especially a near mint hen. Sold
Oliver Lawson
Outstanding 8 inch widgeon drake by Oliver Lawson made as a 50th anniversary gift for Pauline and Clinton Sterling, 1968 (with best wishes,Tutsy & Joan Lawson).This decoy is carved from cedar and the head is tightly attached. Note the paint has lifted and flaked at the neck base. Mr. Lawson will touch that paint up for me if the buyer so chooses .Clinton Sterling,brother to Lloyd Sterling and close friend with Lem Ward, was born around 1900. Married to Pauline in 1918, and passed about 1995. This piece came from the Sterling estate. Sold.
Oliver Lawson
Outstanding and very rare resting/preening canvasback pair by Oliver Lawson of Crisfield, Md. "Tuts" has only made a few of this style in his 50 some years of carving. The bill does not touch the back and there is a slight raised wing carving with stipple paint technique applied similar to his friends,Lem and Steve Ward. A " near one of a kind" pair by one of the best and most respected makers of our day. Sold
Ira Hudson
Classic Ira Hudson black duck circa 1930.Original scratch paint with moderate wear. Pellet shots to head and body. This decoy has been gunned over and been through the wars.At one time the head was loose and repairs were made .Very nice shape and patina for any collector at only Sold
Sterling Family
Lloyd Sterling and brother gunning widgeon pair circa 1960. Made from balsa wood and never rigged. Clinton Sterling was best friends with Lem Ward and note Lem's possible paint on hen's feathering.Very strong head resemblance to the Ward Bro's.It is very strong possibility that Lem and Steve helped make this pair.Excellent near mint pair from Crisfield, MD. Sold
Grayson Chesser
Red Knot or Robin Snipe by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, Va. Made in the Virginia Coastal style of Cobb Island. These "Knot" are carved from Virginia white pine with an oak bill splined from the back of the head. These Robin Snipe are about 8 inches long and look as if they have been gunned and used for generations. Grayson carved his first decoy in 1961 and spent many a hour with Miles Hancock on Chincoteague Island. Grayson's decoys and experience gunning are true Virginia Eastern Shore. These "red knot" are Sold.
Marshall Click to enlarge
Nice pair of green winged teal from Saxis ,VA. Made by Carroll Lee Marshall, a carver, painter and collector of teal decoys and Chincoteague ,VA decoys. This hunting pair won at the famous Chincoteague,VA decoy show in 2004. Note,
these birds are " keeled " for hunting but will easily
screw off for display. A great Eastern Shore of VA teal pair. Sold.
R. Madison Mitchell

R. Madison Mitchell, Havre de Grace, MD(1901-1993) Approx 23 inches long and 12 inches tall, Canada goose. Mr. Mitchell was the prolific maker of the Susquehanna Flats hunting region of the upper Chesapeake Bay. He had many decoy makers pass through his workshop including Bob McGaw, Paul Gibson, Charlie Joiner. Note, bill has been chewed on by "mans best friend" and has been touched up with black paint. Sold.

Miles Hancock
1967 six inch Mallard Drake by Miles Hancock. Mint condition and a rare species for Chincoteague, VA. There were very few Mallards on Chincoteague Island, Mallards tended to stay on the mainland. Good luck finding a gunning Mallard decoy from a Chincoteague maker Sold.
Oliver lawon
1962 miniature (7 inches long) green winged teal by Oliver "Tuts" Lawson of Crisfield, MD. Signed and dated by Mr. Lawson and contains half of the old "Duck House" sticker. "Tuts" learned and worked under his mentors, Lem and Steve Ward and his work is highly sought after. He is one of the Crisfield legends. This teal is clean and mint. It has a paper thin crest that is mint. This bird will only go up in value in the coming years.Sold.
Mark McNair
Yellow leg shore bird by Mark McNair. This New England style creation has raised wing carving an inleted bill inserted from the back of the head. The bird measures 13 inches, bill to tail and stands on a very nice signed walnut base. Sold.
Lloyd Tyler
Lloyd Tyler, Crisfield,MD circa 1958 miniture (approx. 3.5 inches long) mallard hen. Rare small creation by Lloyd. I found 3 of these at a sale about 3 years ago. Lloyd made these for gifts and packing samples. Note small thin white line across the back .I am not sure if it is a scratch or paint. In a swimming posture with the head forward. Sold
Tyler Widgeon
Tyler, Crisfield MD, 1/4 size widgeon, circa. 1950. Lloyd or William Tyler. Great looking widgeon from the Tylers of Crisfield. Note Henry Stansbury's 1995 book "Lloyd J. Tyler" for similar examples of this decoy. Sold
George Bell
Gunning green winged teal ,life size,weighted and strapped, Crisfield, MD- Great hunting decoy or mantle piece . Sold
Cigar Daisey

Signed and dated 1980 "Shell Duck". Hen merganser by Delbert Daisey of Chincoteague, VA. measures 16.5 inches long in swimming pose. This piece has been in a private collection up in New England since the previous owner purchased it in 1980. Blue ink has faded over the last 27 years but is legible. Mint condition as the pictures show. A great edition to any Chincoteague collection. Good luck finding a matching drake. This "Cigar" gunning merganser is Sold

Mark McNair
Mark McNair, Virginia curlew. all original,aged to look 100 years old,as only Mark can do. This curlew is 15 inches long and stands 13 inches tall on a walnut base.Slightly raised wing carving with a 4 inch bill and Mark's branded name. McNair's are not being traded much and show up when Mark feels creative and decides to produce more. Sold
Ira Hudson
Ira Hudson black duck, Chincoteague, VA;
circa 1930- Original paint worn to bare wood in
places- Classic style, arguably Ira’s finest style black duck-
( See Henry Stansbury’s book on Ira Hudson)
Excellent piece / example for only Sold
Cameron McIntyre

Miniature widgeon on stand,
Cameron McIntyre, Pittscreek, VA-
An awesome raised wing carving by
one of the best- Cameron's carvings are hard to come by partly due to the fact that he been putting all his energy, time and talents into his oil paintings. Sold

Cigar Daisey
"Content" pose,yellowleg by "Cigar" Daisey one of Virginia's finest makers. My understanding is that "Cigs" made 5 styles of yellowlegs. This is must for anyone collecting "Cigar's" yellowlegs. This is a standard size shorebird. Sold

Cigar Daisey

Buffle head pair , Delbert “Cigar" Daisey Chincoteague, VA-  Signed, stamped and dated-  Nice hunting decoys, “dippers" were popular and hunted back in the day -  Cigar made one of the best
A must have- fewer and fewer duck decoys are showing up by Mr. Daisey- Highly collectible. Sold
Miles Hancock

This"third size" mallard duck by Miles Hancock
is about 9 inches long. It has a great patina .
 It was carved and painted in the late 1950’s or
early 1960’s. It is a highly collectible decoy. Sold

Madison Mitchell
Madison Mitchell This pair is a must have for every Chesapeake
Bay collection. Carved by R. Madison Mitchell from
Havre De Grace, Maryland. This pair is Circa 1945 and is in excellent condition. This is "up the river" style canvasbacks .Sold
George Bell
Ward brothers style blue bill drake, George Bell,
Crisfield, MD- An excellent copy of the “36”
style Ward blue bill-  
A Ward would sell for approx. 20,000 – Sold
Eldridge Tyler
Look at Eldridge Tyler’s miniture decoy from Crisfield, Maryland. It is a very folksy bufflehead, goldeneye or Canada Goose - You be the judge! Note J E Tyler signiture on the underside. Mr Tyler passed away in a house fire about 1994. Cousin to the more famous Lloyd Tyler. Collectible for any folk art lover. Sold
Miles Hancock
Miles Hancock, bufflehead hen,
Chincoteague, VA- Made
and painted (O. P.), circa 1940,
slight defect in wood grain on the
Dipper measures 12 inches bill to tail Sold.
Miles Hancock
Excellent merganser drake by Miles Hancock, Chincoteague, VA Circa 1967. Mr. Miles later miniature decoys measure about 6 inches bill to tail. He carved and painted these mini's in his late years for gifts and his livelihood when his hands and sight started to fail him. Mr. Hancock passed away in 1974. These are great collectibles and the drake merganser is scarce. Sold
Cigar Daisey
Golden plover on tree stump stand by Delbert "Cigar" Daisy of Chincoteague, Virginia. Alert pose, outstanding paint patterns by the Chincoteague great. Stamped and signed under belly (sig. hard to see on the black). Sold
Oliver Lawson
Scaup pair, Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD-  A beautiful pair of decoys by the Crisfield School master- Very collectible Chesapeake Bay decoys.

Mint pair , a must have for the novice and the experienced collector alike. Mr. Lawson started carving at about 15 years of age by the side of Lem and Steve Ward around 1954 . This pair Sold
Oliver Lawson
Pintail pair, Oliver Lawson, Crisfield,
MD- Great form and paint by one of
the traditional makers
-Signed and dated by Mr. Lawson.
- An excellent full size hunting pair with
a removable keel for display. Sold
Mark McNair
Majestic 22 inch long black duck by legendary maker, Mark McNair and so branded. One of only a few solid body black ducks. Mark created this decoy while on an island near/in the Chesapeake Bay. Sold
Cigar Daisey
Dowitcher in feeding pose by Cigar. Branded and signed as the picture shows. Cigar just "shakes his head" at the prices collectors are paying for his decoys. Virginia collectors are grabing all the Cigar Daiseys they can find at a fair price. Sold.
Cigar Daisey
Delbert " Cigar" Daisey feeding yellow leg shorebird. This feeding pose is also referred to as "minnow in the throat". Cigar certainly is one of the best and his popularity and demand increases every year. Sold
Unknown Eastern Shore of VA
Unknown Canada Goose- miniature. North Hampton County,
VA Circa 1930. Excellent old paint with patina faded on the back.
(Email any information in identifying the maker appreciated.) Sold
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