Selling and buying quality decoys from the Chesapeake Bay, Chincoteague Virginia , Maryland and Virginia's Eastern Shore. Makers such as: Justis,Chesser,Kralic,Piccirillo,Lawson,Birch,Mitchell, Tyler, Ward, Hancock, Hudson, McNair, Daisey, Cobb,Joiner,Gibson,Gibian and others.

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Cigar Daisey Goose
Delbert "Cigar" Daisey shares his "Best Goose I Ever Made"

This goose was carved and painted in 1970 for the first Ward World Championship
held in Salisbury, MD 1971. Note the two winning ribbons from 1971. Blue,"Best In Category" and Red, " Second Overall Show". This bird was sold to the Dupont's in July 1971.

Ronald Justis

Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA and his Hooded Merganser pair.


Cigar Daisey
Ira Skees shares his Yellowlegs in Westlake, OH.

Cigar Daisey

Cigar Daisey reacquainted with one of his Merganser decoys he made in 1987.

Cigar Daisey

Delbert "Cigar" Daisey
Cigar admires his black duck (made 1990's) .
Upper Bay Show
42nd Upper Bay Decoy Show , Charlestown, Maryland
Reggie Birch
October Teal Season
Early October Teal season on the lower shore of Maryland

Ronald Justis

Ronald Justis of Chincoteague, Island VA. He learned to make decoys by spending hours and years in "Cigar" Daisey's shop. A native Chincoteaguer, Ronald represents the next generation of island carvers.

Reggie Birch
Reggie Birch stopped by to visit and admire his Merganser pair made in 1982. Reggie spent a lot of time back in the 1970's and early 80's learning from Delbert "Cigar" Daisey.

Mark McNair

Mark McNair in his studio with the pattern for his "Walter Brady" style goose.

Mark McNair
Mark McNair in his shop working on a shorebird.

Mark McNair
Mark McNairand his Egret made for Raine's Tavern.
Wes Bratcher
Wes Brattcher TurkeyWes Bratcher of Crisfield, MD and avid turkey hunter and decoy carver. Wes has won numerous awards at the Ward Worlds in Ocean City, MD as well as the Ward Chesapeake Challenge Shooting Decoy Contest in Salisbury, MD. Wes's maternal grand father , Marshall English brought the first three tractor trailer loads of balsa wood to Steve and Lem Ward in the 1940's as told to Wes by Steve Ward .
Regie Birch.

One of the great modern Chincoteague carvers.Reggie Birch has been carving decoys for almost 30 years. He is nationally known for his ability to make a brand new decoy look 100 years old.
The Birch family can trace their roots in America to 1763. This is the year they were  aboard the ship "Miss Kitty" when she wrecked on Assateague Island.  The community of North Beach was on Assateague near the present Md/Va line. North Beach had a saltworks andrendered sea salt. Today there is no evidence of the North Beach Community.
Reggie Birch

Brian Picirrillo
Brian Picirrillo painting a black duck and "Bud" "working on a goose".
Colin McNair
Colin McNair and his American merganser.
Mark McNair
Mark McNair in his shop proudly sharing some of his older sculptures.
Rich Smoker
Rich Smoker

Rich Smoker
Marion Station, Maryland Best in World Shootin' Rig
Merganser pair and red-throated loon


Smoker felt that these birds would work well together because they were all connected by the color red. They are birds he sees at home on the Annamessic River, and he began with one photo of a pair of red-breasted mergansers. They took 4 to 5 months to carve and about a month to paint. The birds are carved of Tupelo, with some American Holly used for structure. The feet, bills, and tails contain some brass for strength. The keels are carved of Paudak, an African wood. The birds are painted with oil paint.

The bases are masterworks of carving as well, and they used many types of wood from around the world; the keel guides are Purple Heart from Central America. The tops of the bases are heart from Central America, Mahogany from Asia, Yellow Heart from South America, and American walnut from North America. Smoker calls the selection “woods of the world.”

Rich faced a special challenge in carving this rig. He began the project while his mother was ill in 2007, and finished them after her death earlier this year.



Grayson Chesser
Grayson Chesser at his Holden Creek Hunting Lodge
Oliver Lawson
Oliver Lawson displays a pair of his gunning pintails in Crisfield, MD 2008.
Vice President and Bob JesterArt & Oliver Lawson
Vice President and Bob Jester Share the Decoys                                                  Art and Oliver Lawson


Zeb's AuctionZeb Barfield ,auction sales Hallwood,VA

Cigar and Scott
Art,Cigar and Scott celebrate a birthday.

Art shares a picture with Delbert "Cigar " Daisey of Chincoteague and Grayson Chesser of Jenkins Bridge , VA.

Four master carvers Cigar,Scott, Grayson and Oliver.

Henrey Stansbury shares his Ira Hudson pintail collection in Easton 2006.
Art and Cigar Daisey

Bob Jester discusses Miles Hancock black duck in Easton 2006 (left)
Delbert "Cigar" Daisey is all smiles as one of his decoys sells for big money at Zeb's in VA. (right)

Diver Hunting Somerset
Scott & Keith show off their bluebills at the end of the season, Jan,07.
Grayson Chesser
Grayson Chesser, Sanford, Va.Grayson studied and spent many a hour with Miles Hancock of Chincoteague Island and carved his first decoy in 1961 and still owns it today. A man of few words, Grayson not only creates excellent decoys he hunts with them @ his Holden Creek Gunning Club. This lodge is first class and offers all types of duck and goose gunning. Grayson has forgotten more about decoys and gunning history of the Eastern Shore than most of us will learn.  
Ronald Justice37 year old Ronald Justice of Chincoteague, VA with one of his gunning black ducks . Ronald studied and learned as a kid from the great Delbert "Cigar" Daisey. I could not pry this black duck away because Ronald had already promised it to someone, which I respect. I will have one of Ronald's gunning birds in the near future. This is a maker to start a collection of while his prices are reasonable. Ronald's ballast weights are molded from his grandmother's cast iron cornbread mold.
Grayson Chesser
Art shares a picture with Delbert "Cigar " Daisey of Chincoteague and Grayson Chesser of Jenkins Bridge , VA.
Steve SkeesIra Skees
Ira Skees